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A couple of months ago one of our readers, Chuck, shared with us  A Jaw-Dropping Mobile Home Kitchen Upgrade. But before Chuck updated his kitchen, he had remodeled his mobile home bathroom. Thankfully, he has decided to share this mobile home bathroom before and after with us as well!

  • Name: Chuck
  • Location:  Florida
  • Make and model of the home: 1985 Palm Harbor
  • Tools and materials used: Every tool I own and a few I borrowed
  • The total cost of project:  $2500.00

The Bathroom Before

Just like Chuck’s kitchen upgrade, this was a complete tear out of the room and remodel from the ground up. Here are a few of the before pictures:

mobile home bathroom before and after-before
His and her sinks.
mobile home bathroom before and after-before shower
Typical shower from an older mobile home.

Also, Chuck used the same process as in the kitchen upgrade. He drew out what he hoped to accomplish with this bathroom remodel and went from there.

mobile home bathroom before and after-drawing
Chuck’s vision.

Chuck’s Interview

  • Proudest DIY moment:  I was able to find two extra feet in the shower area but removing the plastic insert and extending the wall to get a 5-foot custom tile shower. The two feet “found” was in a void, so I just backed it up to the wall of the of the guest bathroom shower.  Easy, the plumbing was all there anyway.  With super spa shower head fixture.  Three of the neighbors are exploring my remodel for their home.  Forgot about building the cabinets from scratch since store-bought would not provide the storage we wanted or fill the expanded space I found by removing the angles wall.
  • Biggest challenge: This was my first remodel for this home. Repairing the “fixes” from the past three owners.  And understanding why in the 1980’s mirrors and flower vinyl paneling was “beautiful??”
  • Favorite room in the home: In the morning and late at night the shower area is our favorite.  My wife always sez “ I love my shower” and she takes extra-long spa treatments.

The Bathroom After

Take a look at the amazing job that Chuck did in this bathroom! We especially love the shower unit, and Chuck built the bathroom cabinets himself so that he could get just the right amount of storage space they were looking for in the room.

mobile home bathroom before and after-building the cabinets
Chuck built the cabinets himself to get just the look he wanted.
mobile home bathroom before and after-finished cabinets
The finished cabinet.
mobile home bathroom before and after-one sink
One Side of his and her sinks.
mobile home bathroom before and after-one sink2
The other side of his and her sinks.
mobile home bathroom before and after-finished look
The finished product.
mobile home bathroom before and after-shower
Look at this shower.
mobile home bathroom before and after-shower
What a great job!

Chuck’s Final Thoughts

  • Any tips or tricks you learned during the project: Mobile home parks are full of experienced people that have done all kinds of remodeling to their homes.  You just need to find those that are GOOD at what they do and use that knowledge when working on your home.
  • The advice you would give someone about buying and living in a mobile home:  Always look for the potential in the home and explore options outside the box.  Just not replace with the same stuff but never fixtures.  There is always “hidden” treasures and extra storage space – if you look for it.
  • Any remodeling products or home decor items you used that we can share with our readers?:  Mussel bond wall adhesive sheets for the shower walls – water-proof and easy to affix the wall tiles.  Saved time by not waiting for thin-set to dry before grouting and was a suggestion from a neighborAlso, I used Giani Counter Top refinish and paint kit on the countertops. Both of these products helped save time and money and helped to create something great!

We were able to find both products that Chuck recommended along with sites to purchase them:

bathroom before and after-countertop paint kit
Alternative to new countertops.
bathroom before and after-musselbound adhesive
Adhesive for any wall tile.
mobile home bathroom before and after-simple mat adhesive
An alternative that can be found on Amazon. #affiliate



We hope that this mobile home bathroom before and after has inspired you for your next mobile home remodeling project. Have a project you would like to share? Comment below or go to our Get Featured page and send us your project!

Thanks for reading Mobile Home Living.

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  1. I am so totally amazed with the remodeled/updated bathrooms Chuck did. Right what I want to do with my hubby..he just in Ft Pierce, FL. Love this…omg…thank you.

  2. what’s the best way to get rid of the wall board that hides the separation? Can you use joint compound in between?

  3. Awesome job Chuck! Getting ready to move into a new Palm Harbor home (1st) and I’m sure down the road we will be modifying something like that shower.