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15 Great Kids Bedroom Ideas

Here are a few mobile home kids bedroom ideas I found to get you inspired. It’s hard finding ideas for kids room specifically in mobile homes, but there’s a few floating around the internet.

The 2nd bedrooms sometimes seems to be afterthoughts in smaller homes. I sometimes think the designers had every room laid out perfectly, and then somebody walks by and says, “What about the 2nd bedroom?” and the designer is like ‘oh, yeah’ and just takes a few feet from whatever rooms are beside it and called it a day. Then again, I’ve seen some well-laid out bedrooms with lots of built-in storage and plenty of room.

Here are some great kids bedroom ideas I found on the now-defunct TV show called Mobile Home Disasters. I wrote a bit about the show if you want to check it out, just click here: Mobile Home Disaster.

mobile home bedrooms ideas for baseball fans

Have a pre-teen that loves music and purple-pink? This is the room for them!

mobile home bedroom ideas for teenager


This room is out of this world! It would be perfect for anyone that like unicorns.

unicorn bedroom ideas - girls

This bedroom is for the soccer lovers in your home.

mobile home kids bedroom ideas - boys

This next bedroom is perfect for the boy that loves music.

kids bedroom ideas - music fans

If two children have to share a bedroom, it can be hard to decorate each child’s space, especially if it’s a boy and girl sharing the space. Here’s a great idea:

kids bedroom ideas - sharing a room

Have a skateboarder in the family? This is a cute idea! Notice the half skateboard sticking out of the wall? Tubular dude!

kids bedroom ideas - skateboard theme

kids bedroom ideas - skateboard

Graffiti in your house? What? It’s sure to be a big hit with any teen!

graffiti bedroom decor ideas

A little princess needs her own castle!

princess kids bedroom ideas

Save Space with Storage-centric Furniture

The following are not mobile or manufactured home specific, but I wanted to give you an idea of the storage-centric furniture that is available on the market today.

colorful kids bedroom ideas

colorful kids bedroom ideas

colorful kids bedroom ideas

kids bedroom ideas

kids bedroom ideas

kids bedroom ideas

These kids bedroom ideas should get you started! Does your child have an awesome room? We’d love to see it!

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11 thoughts on “15 Mobile Home Kids Bedroom Ideas”

  1. Both the themed rooms and saving space with cool furniture look really awesome. I believe that having your children’s room designed for them gives them a feeling of belonging. Let’s not forget the awesome tables and chair that add some creativity and fun dinner times.

  2. Love the lavender girls room with extended lower platform and closet!!! any idea where to get this?? I have been searching the internet like crazy!!!

    1. Joey, that is an awesome room! Your son is one lucky little boy to have a room like that! I especially love how you made the bottom of the walls look like denim. Very creative!

      Thanks for sharing it! Would you mind if I shared it here on the site someday? I think it would be a huge hit!

      I appreciate you taking the time out to comment and hope to hear from you again 🙂

      1. Thanks so much. The room has undergone many changes since then and is currently our schoolroom/workshop and my son has moved into his older sister’s room, which will be getting another overhaul soon. His tastes run more toward robots and skateboards now so who knows LOL. Please feel free to use the pics. I would be honored. I am almost finished with his bathroom, and am pretty pleased with the way it is coming out. I’ll try to remember to send some pics of that project.

      2. Thank you! Sounds like you’re making some great changes! Do whatever it takes to make your home comfortable and how you want it. Home schooling does require lots of space but the benefits are amazing.

        I’m into robots, too, and I’m almost 40..lol 😉 I love the old retro robots and just bought some prints of the Jetsons (mostly Rosie but the other characters too) that’ll I’ll be framing. I got a bit too excited when I found them all at a decent price!

        I’m trying to figure out a way for readers to be able to upload photos and write a description of their updates or remodels and it automatically appear. Much like the Rate Your Space but with no rating, though I would like to be able to have comments. I think that would be very handy and would keep me out of the middle. I am sloooow when it comes to writing the articles and getting them to the owners for approval. I just found 3 articles I had written weeks ago but apparently never sent them to be approved! In other words: Blogging is hard for people that are unorganized and scatterbrained..lol

        Thanks again for commenting!

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