new mobile home design-kitchen 2

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  1. I love this model and I found it’s Clayton twin.. The Stockton. I am dreaming over it currently. I have printed pictures of it and hung it in my office, home, journal, right beside my down payment savings goal that looks like a fundraising thermometer. Its about 1/4 filled right now. I am worried that Clayton Homes will rip me off. Anyone want to talk me out of it?

    1. Hi Erin,

      That is gorgeous home! I’ve been dreaming of a new home, too. It’s not so much that the builder will rip you off, it’s just that those who haven’t researched and done their homework tend to get some really terrible deals. As with any financing, just know your options and try to get the loan through your bank first. From there, try through a mortgage broker and then through the in-house financing at the dealership.
      If you live in cold climate go ahead and get the better insulation and windows and roof pitch. The tax credits alone will help ease the additional expense.
      Once you have the home installed, pay an inspector to go through with a microscope and notate all issues. Do not release the financing until the home is at your liking.

      Other than that, enjoy! Let me know how it goes!

  2. I do like this floor plan’s layout and rustic touches, but as for the exterior I prefer the look of my 1976 doublewide.

  3. This is absolutely beautiful! My husband and I have decided to downsize since the kids are now grown. We want to sell our house and buy a new doublewide, or modular to put on a couple of acres of land. We love the thought of finally being debt-free! Do you have any suggestions of which manufacturers to look into? We are currently looking at Clayton.

    1. Hi Michaela,

      How exciting! Clayton is well-known and if anyone knows how to get financing it would be the company that owns it’s own financing company…lol…I read that SkyLine has the best customer satisfaction rates so put them on your list but I can’t really recommend any company over the other. That’s why I don’t take ads from any – I want to be neutral. There are a lot of ‘local’ dealerships and brands that only do business regionally so research in your area for a couple.

      A modular is a great idea for many situations because they are classified as a site-built home – they have to pass local inspections instead of the federal standards that manufactured homes have to meet so there are building delays due to inspections and such but they gain equity as a site-built home and you can design it how you like so it’s a good trade. They are pretty expensive though.

      You can always buy an older mobile home and gut it. You’d get the design you want but DIY construction projects that big are a huge pain. If you do one project at a time it isn’t too bad.

      Best of luck! Let me know how it goes!