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Songs and Poems About Trailers

When trailers first hit the market in the late 1920’s, they were the epitome of freedom. No other product had allowed entire families to travel with such freedom before. They were appreciated and admired. From the 1920’s till WWII, people were using trailers to see the country and considered the height of luxury. It wasn’t

Cozy Colorado Double Wide Exterior

The Cozy Colorado Double Wide for Sale

Featuring manufactured homes is my favorite thing to do on this blog. I love to see all the beautiful homes and also get to learn a bit about who lives in those homes. Today’s featured home, a Colorado double wide is not only a great home, but the owner is a truly inspiring person. I

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5 Tips for Buying & Moving Into a Mobile Home

Please welcome our guest Kenny Soto from a great site called My Move. They have so many great posts for any homeowner and lots of handy tools. If you’re about to make a big move or just want to learn some new things, you’re gonna want to visit Here’s their top 5 tips for

Divine Double Wide Kitchen

The Divine Double Wide, Part II

This Divine Double Wide is Exactly What Dreams are Made Of I am honored to get to show you even more beautiful shots of Tara and Heidi’s gorgeous 1974 divine double wide and share the interview they were so kind to do for Mobile Home Living. If you missed the original article, you can find it

Divine Double Wide Living Room

A Divine Double Wide Remodel

In 2011, I started Mobile Home Living after buying a 1978 single wide and searching online for remodeling ideas but finding only a few. Just a few short months later, I received a Facebook message from Heidi and Tara asking if I’d be interested in sharing their complete 1974 double wide mobile home remodel. I loved

Favorite Craigslist Find Kitchen

One of our All-time Favorite Craigslist Mobile Home Finds

I may have a small Craigslist addiction. I love to click around and look for great Craigslist mobile home finds. You can see some real beauties on there just like this one. This Single Wide is one of my favorite Craigslist Mobile Home Finds! This 1998 Clayton has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. The asking

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Caveat Emptor, Let the Buyer Beware

 “When I see a mobile home, I see a ATM”                                                                      – Tom Sheppard This is an article about owner financing deals where the mobile homes are sold but the land or dirt is only rented. I found this on a site called “The  Lemon’aide’ Stand” a blog about investing and making money. It’s not

Unforgettable Mobile Home Living Room Couch

The Unforgettable Mobile Home, Part 2

I wrote a bit about this gorgeous double wide in Kentucky back in the fall. I had found it on Country Living’s website. I wasn’t able to find too many photos at that time, I was new to blogging and didn’t know what I was doing ; ). The photos I did show were so

Exterior Landscaping

10 Affordable and Green Tips For Remodeling Your Mobile Home

Those of us that live in an older mobile home or even a new manufactured home have already made a huge step in green living even though you may not realize it. It’s not that difficult to be a little more earth friendly when updating a mobile home. I gathered a few  green tips for remodeling

1958 Mayflower Interior

1958 Mayflower Single Wide Remodel

Single Wide Remodel – 1958 Mayflower Gets a New Life Rebecca Knabe is a mobile home remodeling queen, pro and guru! Her 1958 Mayflower single wide remodel transformed her home into a gorgeous space. With more than 1 remodel under her belt, she’s a great source of advice; she has also helped with 2 other

Vintage Mobile Home Ad

Vintage Mobile Home Ads 4

It’s Sunday! A day I get to share some of my favorite vintage mobile home advertising and literature from yesteryear. Here are a few that should make you smile: Here’s an entire brochure for American Trailer Coaches 1946 Tudor Tandem and Homecrest models. If you bought or subscribed to magazines like Mobile Living or Trailer

Pink Flamingo Overview 640x 459

A 1961 Goldenrod Mobile Home is Called the Pink Flamingo for a Reason

I love a cute beach house! Small mobile homes make a perfect getaway, whether you prefer a beach, a lake, or a river. This cute Flamingo themed weekend river getaway is the cutest thing and it proves you don’t have to put a ton of money into a place to make it awesome. This 1961