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Popular Paint Colors For Your Manufactured Home in 2018

Picking the right paint color for your manufactured home is difficult. You have to look at those walls every day and with so many colors to choose from it can get overwhelming. We found these popular paint colors for your manufactured home on Pinterest and other home design sites. They should get your paint sticks stirring.

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Black Is Back, Baby

Black and darker grays are taking the walls by storm. Though typically used as an accent color, blacks and grays are taking center stage nowadays.

Black chalkboard paint seems to have started the trend and we are glad it did – black is a really cool twist on typical home decorating. The ‘dark colors aren’t for small spaces’ mantra has been thrown right out the teal door. Dark colors work really well in a small space when the right trim and lighting are used.

popular paint colors for your manufactured home -black is back2
Black and grey absolutely work in small spaces.
hot paint colors for your manufactured home-black is back
Black chalkboard paint isn’t just for the kitchen.

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Shades Of Blue

Blue has always been a popular color in any home. It’s a great color that pairs well with other colors but is also strong enough to stand on its own in a room.  From navy to a green-blue combination there are many new shades to choose from.

hot paint colors for your manufactured home-shades of blue
Just one of the many shades of blue to choose from.

Let The Sun Shine In

Just about any hue in the yellow family, from calming buttercream to bold banana,  have become popular paint colors for your manufactured home. Yellow lets light bounce around a bit so it’s a smart color for a room that needs brightening up. The right yellow can create that happy cottage kitchen you’ve always wanted.

A great tip to try before committing to a color? Ask for a sample, and paint a large square in the room to see how the color feels during different times of the day. Some colors that look great at noon are not so great at midnight.

popular paint colors for your manufactured home -let the sunshine in
Pale yellow is a calming color.

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Boring or Beautiful Bisque?

Beiges and cream colors are staples in home decor because they create a perfect canvas for any style. When white is too bright, beige is just right!

While beiges and creams are popular paint colors for your manufactured home, they can be a bit boring. Use furniture and accessories to brighten the room and add interest.

popular paint colors for your manufactured home - shades of bisque
Bisque is a nice neutral shade.

Pinks are Pretty Popular

Pastel colors such as pink and lavender are usually associated with nurseries or a small child’s room. However, a light pink or barely-there lavender can provide a great neutral backdrop in any space.

In fact, bright and bold purple is the Pantone Color of the Year for 2018. They know color better than anyone and that’s why it is one of our picks for popular paint colors for your manufactured home.

hot paint colors for your manufactured home-pink
This shade of pink is lovely in this bathroom.
hot paint colors for your manufactured home-lavender
Lavender in the living room makes a nice statement.

Hopefully, these popular paint colors for your manufactured home will get you in the mood for your next painting project.

If you are looking for more great mobile home decorating ideas be sure to check out our Free E-Book for ideas on paints and how to make the most of every room in your mobile home.

We want to hear from you! Are you a fan of these colors? Have you used them before or are you thinking about using them this Spring? Show us your projects and let us share with our readers.

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