Great Craigslist Mobile Home Ads found in June 2017

9 Awesome Craigslist Mobile Home Ads

Last month we came clean about our hobby of surfing real estate ads. Turns out, a lot of us daydream about a new home while browsing Zillow and Craigslist. It’s a great way to get decorating ideas for manufactured homes, to see how other people live, and learn more about the housing market. It’s good to


Vintage Camper Restoration: 1962 Streamline Duchess

Paula Lajoie just completed her second vintage camper restoration on a 54 year old Streamline Duchess and the result is amazing! 1962 Streamline Duchess Before the Vintage Camper Restoration Restoring vintage campers is a great outlet for Paula’s creativity. She’s an avid DIYer and a passionate admirer of vintage campers.  For the last 17 years Paula has been making

Wood Interior Of A 1956 Spartan Executive Mansion 3

This 1956 Spartan Executive Mansion is Iconic

This 1956 Spartan Executive Mansion is charming and cozy and the true tiny house. Being environmentally friendly and affordable should get tiny house fans to take a second look at mobile homes. Unfortunately, mobile homes have a nasty stigma hanging on to them and that may be too much for those that are only interested in

1976 Argosy Airstream Camper Remodel (Interior updates)

This 1976 Argosy Camper Remodel Will Blow Your Mind!

This Argosy camper remodel is one of my favorite older model camper makeovers. Some of the most popular camper remodels stem from budding interior decorators or hobbyist investors that can turn a profit doing something they love. Of course, many camper remodels are just a fan of campers wanting a nice space to create memories with their

Great Park Model Home Decorating Ideas - Interior - Dining Room View

Stylish Key Largo Park Model Home

What a great beach house! Park Model RV Homes make a perfect beach house. Their affordability, with an average price-per-square-foot well under $100, and their easy setup make a Park Model home a smart choice for a second home or vacation home. This Park Model is a perfect example of the convenience and style that can be had at a

This 1978 Fleetwood Single Wide Grew with the Family

This 1978 Fleetwood Single Wide Grew with the Family

Marilyn and Alec Widdifield have a 1978 Fleetwood single wide that they remodeled recently and I’m honored to get to feature it. Their single wide started out as a 14′ x 72′ but two additions were added. The home sits it Frontier, Sk. Canada, a small town near the Montana border and has been thoughtfully updated through the

the dealer-financed manufactured home trap

The Dealer-Financed Manufactured Home Trap

As the creator of Mobile Home Living, it’s obvious that I’m an advocate of factory-built homes. Over the last 3.5 years I hope I’ve made it clear that while I love the homes, I’m not a fan of the manufactured home industry at all. I feel there’s a lot of room for improvement! Especially concerning the

Shabby-Chic Spartan - Vintage Single Wide Mobile Home - Affordable Interior remodel

Shabby-Chic Spartan

Oh man, this Spartan is SPECTACULAR! This vintage mobile home is owned by Jennie Porter and was featured at Tiny House Swoon. Jennie states: ..I found this old trailer at a yard sale, gutted it and my mom and I remodeled it with the help of a few friends. I am obsessed with tiny living…

mobile home - Homette illustration

A Homette for Two

A Homette for Two No need for spaciousness. Just a little home – a “Homette,” with bright windows, a skylight or two, like Heaven’s Orb de deux. We’d be snug, just us two. Efficiency the ruling way: a little sink, stove, and refrigerator, just-big-enough shower, a camper’s toilet – this isn’t for the too discreet.

Green mobile home remodel

Environmentally Friendly Houses- The Ultimate Green Mobile Home

Environmentally Friendly Houses – A  True Trash to Treasure Tale of a Mobile Home Manufactured homes have always been a leader in the environmentally friendly building. Factory construction limits delays and allow precise control of inventory and material handling. Related: Manufactured Homes are Earth Friendly! While buying a new manufactured home is a great way to reduce

Mobile Home Pest Control

When certain pests enter a home, they can cause a variety of damage and discomfort. Mobile homes are just as vulnerable to pests as any other home. Keeping pests out of a mobile home can prove difficult since there is a lot of space for the tiny creatures to access the interior part of the home. Pest