The Standridge’s Splendid Home

Rebecca Standridge is a proud mother of 4 gorgeous children, a dedicated wife and a blogger at  Life in the Fast Lane, where she shares her natural parenting lifestyle. 
Rebecca enjoys decorating her home. The colors that she uses adds a definite warmth and a cozy atmosphere. She is so kind to share her home and a few very good pieces of advice for anyone thinking about remodeling.
Here is their kitchen, which is where they’ve done the most work, other than the additions. It has went through a few color changes, the sub-flooring near the back door was replaced and they tore out the island bar that separated the living room and kitchen. They also added all new flooring, had a custom island built, replaced the counter tops, replaced the hardware on the cabinets, added a dishwasher, new light fixtures and ceiling fan, added white wooden blinds and purchased all new appliances. It started with a coral color, went to a nice blue and then ended in a neutral tone. It looks great with the huge stainless refrigerator, the tri-level island and the dark flooring!
The beginning…

The middle…..

The Beautiful End!

 Here is the living room. Rebecca’s personal style really shines through in this room.

Here is the bathroom their four gorgeous children share. They have already taken up the carpet in their bathroom as well as the hallway and replaced it with linoleum. (I will never understand carpeting in a bathroom! Not ever!) 
Apple green is such a great accent color!
Their five year old and 9 month old share a room. Here they have painted, added a ceiling fan and replaced a whole section of wall and roof. They had to replace the entire roof due to poor building that caused a MASSIVE leak.
The addition makes up their oldest son’s room and their daughter’s room.
Their daughter Loves owls!
A very stylish boys room!

This photo is of the outside of the addition during construction.  They had it underpinned and red shutters put up to match the front of the home. Rebecca is currently hard at work on their master bedroom. She has promised to let us see it when she gets it finished it!

Rebecca has been so kind to let me interview her. She brings up a lot of good points and her advice should be remembered by anyone that is about to hire any construction professionals.

She began the interview with truthfulness and openness stating, “I really have enjoyed remodeling and making our home our own. We will be here for awhile and I want to love where I live. I have four children so my home isn’t spotless.”
(No ones ever is, Rebecca, that’s why doors close!) 
Name: Rebecca
           Location: South Carolina
           Model/Year/Manufacturer/Size: Hoga/ 2001/ Oakwood Single wide / not sure on exact  measurements

           Years Lived in: 7 years


Favorite style: Sorta traditional… a mixture of different styles.

           Inspiration:  I frequent the local Oakwood Homes dealership and get my inspiration             from their new arrivals.
(What an awesome way to get inspiration!)

           Favorite room/place in home:  I would have to say our living  room… but it’s a close tie with the kitchen.


Biggest challenge so far: The kitchen.
(It turned out wonderful!) 

           What friends say:  They all love our home!
           (I bet they do!) 
           Biggest Embarrassment: My kitchen didn’t exactly come together as I’d imagined but it’s growing on me… I wish I had gone with lighter floors. Also, my first kitchen transformation consisted of me painted our kitchen a HORRIBLE coral color!!

           Proudest DIY moment:  Haha, installing my new faucet in the kitchen!  Not because it’s super fancy but because I did it by myself. 
Biggest Indulgence:  Our fridge. Stainless steel, french doors, with freezer drawer on bottom.

           Best adviceIf you hire somebody to do work for you, don’t pay them until the work is DONE and done to your liking.
           Sources of materials/supplies for remodel:  We just went to Lowe’s.
           Rebecca shares some great advice! Most professionals will want a down payment and one ‘draw’ throughout a smaller job, which is standard practice. If your building an entire home then it gets a bit more complicated. Essentially, you pay a certain percentage or set amount down that you both agree on (to lock in the job so to speak) then half way through you pay another agreed upon percentage or set amount. In the end the remainder is paid. This practice is a good way for you to protect yourself and allows you to have a bit more control over everything.
Material purchases should be discussed before hand as well. If you can haul the materials yourself, it will usually save you money. A typical contractor will add a percentage for handling, time and delivery. If you need bulky materials, see if you can work a deal out with the contractor to go get the materials versus having the supplier deliver. It will save you money even though 10 -20% is added. Delivery charges are getting ridiculous!

The Standridge’s home is great inspiration for anyone, especially those that live in a newer manufactured home. Most newer manufactured home owners are scared to make the home their own. 

Rebecca has proven that putting your own style into a home usually makes it a more personal and satisfying space for you and with an addition added, the home was able to grow with the family and what a great home it is!

Thank you Rebecca, for sharing your splendid home with us.
…and thank you so much for reading Mobile Home Living!

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  1. I enjoyed visiting this home. The three level island in the kitchen really does make for efficient use of space. And, the addition…looks like it's been there from day one. Great job all around. 🙂

  2. Another great feature Crystal… I really love Rebecca's kitchen and the children's rooms are so sweet. Thanks for brining us such great eye candy!

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