One of our All-time Favorite Craigslist Mobile Home Finds

I may have a small Craigslist addiction. I love to click around and look for great Craigslist mobile home finds. You can see some real beauties on there just like this one.

Favorite craigslist mobile home finds - exterior
I love everything about this single wide!

This Single Wide is one of my favorite Craigslist Mobile Home Finds!

This 1998 Clayton has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. The asking price was $19,998. It sits on a nicely maintained rented lot in Boulder, Colorado with monthly rent around $587 (plus garbage and sewage).

The home has a great contemporary style that I absolutely love. As soon as I saw this it became one of my all-time favorite Craigslist mobile home finds.

favorite Craigslist mobile home finds - living room
I love the flooring, the pitched ceiling, and the rug! The colors are awesome!

This is an awesome kitchen! The flooring, the color of the walls, and even the layout is magnificent!

This layout is very similar to an all-time favorite mobile home, the Fleetwood Festival. You can read all about the Festival here.

Favorite craigslist mobile home finds - kitchen
The owners pulled off a green kitchen beautifully!

A Few of our Favorite Remodeling and Decorating Ideas for Manufactured Homes

Pulling off a green kitchen is tough. There is a fine line between cute and, well, not so cute. Using the lighter green for the island cabinets lightens up the space just enough.

favorite Craigslist mobile home finds - living room
Shade trees and a matching building is included.

Cute 1986 Palm Harbor Single Wide Makeover

This home is right up my alley. I love everything about it! For less than $20,000 you could live in a cute home like this Craigslist mobile home find. If the park doesn’t suit you, you can always move it. That’s one of the greatest things about mobile homes, their mobile!

Look for your own favorite Craigslist mobile home finds here. 

Many thanks to Nicole, a dear reader of MHL. She has so graciously let me know of this home and another that I am working on.  If you find a beautiful manufactured home online please send it to me!

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  1. pamela trejo says

    I am looking for a single wide that I can add to my double wide mobile home. I want to be able to remodel it myself. I just need it to be able to travel. I live in west Tucson, AZ.

  2. Marilynn says

    We have a vintage 1950’s mobile home on our property that needs total restoration. I cannot find information on whether you can repair the aluminum exterior. The corners of the home have come apart, allowing much destruction to the wood paneling and floors. I would like to restore, husband wants to replace or tear apart and use the frame. Any thoughts?

    1. Crystal Adkins says

      Hi Marilynn,

      Separation is a bad sign and usually means it’s gonna be expensive. There is a point where it just doesn’t make sense to try to restore a trailer. It sounds like you have a Spartan or Airstream (aluminum) and replacing or repairing aluminum is pretty expensive (at least in my opinion). A corner panel for an Airstream can go for $1300. Just manufacturing skins from new aluminum can be half that. If the flooring is gone you will need to replace that as well and you have to make sure you don’t alter the relationship between the unit and the chassis. If it is one of the models above it will have an aluminum frame so that would be salvageable but you are looking at a huge project. With all that said, owning a beautiful vintage mobile home or trailer is awesome! There’s a certain pride that just can’t be described!

      Facebook groups for your specific model will be the most helpful. There are a bunch so you will be able to find projects of all kinds. Let me know how you decide!

  3. William Creamer says

    I think you are being overly optimistic to say you can just move a 1998 mobile home. Many parks won’t take a moved home more than a few years old, and the cost of moving an older home could easily exceed the value of doing it.

  4. Shelly says

    I actually found a 3-2 single wide very much like this one for 10k less on Craig’s list. It’s a 1999 Redman New Moon. I’m still in the process of remodeling. Some day it will be ready to show.

  5. Rayne Tindall says

    I’m looking for a mobile home price range from $500 -$600, three bedrooms and two bathrooms .

    1. Crystal Adkins says

      Hi Rayne,

      We don’t sell homes at all nor are we affiliated with anyone that does. We just like to see what homes look like across the nation. Best of luck on your search!

  6. Kayla says

    Hi I’m looking for a mobile home to put on my own land. I would be a first time buyer and don’t have much credit. low income family any advice I could look for some help;/

    1. Crystal Adkins says

      Hi Kayla,

      You’ll want to visit your local manufactured home dealers. Be sure to click on the buying and selling tab on the black menu bar and read through a few of the articles before you even visit the first one. These homes can be a great option but its easy to get in over your head or get a less-than-ideal financing deal.

      Best of luck!

    2. Kayla says

      I’m looking for cheap single wide trailer for sale 3 bedroom and 2 bathrooms if any one have one for sale please let me know

      1. glenn says

        I have a 2/1 in Santa Rosa for sale. must be moved by march 10

      2. Crystal Adkins says

        Hi Glenn,

        You should put an add up on for the home. Thanks!

  7. Imandra Fernandez says

    Hi,I love your page in fact I visit very often, Soon I will send the pictures the renovations of my old mobil home which is my natural refuge and have bright

    1. Crystal Adkins says

      Thanks so much Imandra! I’m always looking for awesome homes and projects to share! Whenever you’re ready just email them to me at

      Thanks so much for reading MHL! I appreciate you!

  8. Tim Stapleton says

    ;thanks for the help

  9. Linda Del Rio says

    looking to buy a mobile home near camarillo,ca 93012

    1. Crystal Adkins says

      Linda, you should be able to find exactly what you’re looking for at Just type in what your looking for (single wide, double wide) and what area you want and it will pull them up for you. It’s free to list on mhbo so lots of people use it. Thanks!

  10. CrystalMHL says

    Absolutely Steven! Major, major impact, I'd say!

  11. CrystalMHL says

    Oh, Shirlee, your gonna love them all! The mobile home fairies has
    been busy delivering me beautiful tomorrow, I guess
    you could say we're celebrating the winner being announced on Saturday
    for the giveaway….lol

  12. CrystalMHL says

    Thank you Marcia!

  13. CrystalMHL says

    Your very welcome! Wait till you see the next ones coming…pure awesomeness!

  14. ashley says

    very nice! thanks for sharing…

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