Mobile home manuals have a lot of helpful information!

The problem is, with thousands of models created by hundreds of mobile home builders over the decades, finding information on your exact make and model can be difficult. Still, any manual is better than no manual!

We’ve created this directory of mobile home manuals to help you find relevant resources for your manufactured home.

Note that most builders only offer one manual for each type of home provided,  single-section (single wides) or multi-section homes (double wides), and not for each model. They typically revise the mobile home manuals whenever HUD updates their regulations.

What is in a Mobile Home Manual? 

Mobile home manuals usually come in two types: installation manuals or basic homeowner’s manuals. Even if your home has already been installed, these manuals can help you understand your home better or help you repair any number of issues you may have.

Typical content covered in mobile home manuals include site preparation, connecting utilities, or installing footings.

typical contents in mobile home manuals

Builders, dealers, and government entities (local, state, or national offices) usually offer manuals on various topics.

Information and recommendations specifically for your home type (make and model, single wide or double wide) or location is a handy asset. Knowledge is power and knowing the fine details of your home can be helpful.

If you cannot find a manual for your exact make or model you can still benefit from reading others.

Most mobile and manufactured homes are very similar in construction and installation needs. You’ll find the government published manuals and guides to be particularly useful as they provide information on a broad scale that isn’t dependent on make or model.

Using the Directory of Mobile Home Manuals 

Each listing has the name of the builder or government office that released the mobile home manual, a link to the company or government’s website, and the link to view or download the manual. We put the manuals on our server for quick, easy, and secure access.

After you click on the blue button, a new tab will open in your browser. You can read the manual or download it onto your computer using the arrow icon on the top right.

Click on the middle arrow icon to download the manual (or similar image based on your browser):

Icon to download mobile home manuals


Installation and Setup Manuals

Adventure Homes

This Adventure Homes manufactured home installation and setup guide were revised in 2010. Adventure Homes is a small manufactured home builder in Indiana that continued with private owners after a Fleetwood factory closed in 2009.

Adventure Homes Website

This 112 page installation and setup manual is packed with helpful information:

Adventure Homes Installation and Setup Manual


Bonnavilla Homes

Bonnavilla Homes is a relatively large builder in the Midwest, headquartered in Nebraska. They have been building mobile homes since 1970 and have branched in modular homes like many other manufactured home builders.

Bonnavilla Homes Website

Bonnavilla Homes Installation Manual


Champion Homes

Champion Homes is one of the largest manufactured home builders in the US. They were founded in 1953 and have produced over 1.7 million homes.

Champion Homes Website 

This is a 104 page manual in full color.

Champion Homes Installation Manual


Clayton Homes 

Clayton Homes is the largest manufactured home builder in the world.  They offer three different installation and setup manuals on their website. Each is well-organized with extensive documentation for both single wides and double wides.

Clayton Homes Website

Clayton Homes Installation and Setup Manual 

This manual has 153 pages and was last revised in July, 2015 to reflect the most current HUD changes.

Clayton Manuactured Home Installation Manual – Revised 2015


Commodore Homes

Commodore Homes has been in business since 1952. Their homes are available in over 32 states.

 Commodore Homes Website

Commodore Homes Installation and Setup Manual

Dutch Housing 

Dutch Housing is recognized for offering some of the highest-quality manufactured homes in the Midwest. They are based in Indiana and sell homes in 28 states.

Dutch Housing Website 

Dutch Mobile Home Installation Manual Here


Fairmont Homes

Fairmont Homes is known for being a large builder with only one large construction site instead of several factories. Quality is easier to control in one place.

Fairmont Homes Website

The company offers some additional literature that may come in handy for current or potential owners. 

This 42 page homeowner’s manual provides installation, setup, and care information:

Fairmont Homes – Owner’s Manual


Fleetwood Homes

Fleetwood Homes is a nationally known builder. They have sold more than 1.5 million manufactured homes since 1950.

Fleetwood Homes Website

We found both the single section (single wide) and the multi-section (double wide, triple wide) manuals from Fleetwood:

Fleetwood Homes Single Section Manual Fleetwood Multi-Section Manufactured Home Manual


Friendship Homes of Minnesota

Founded in 1982, Friendship Homes has a good reputation for building quality manufactured homes. They have helpful literature on their site.

Friendship Homes Website

This manual is 66 pages and last revised in 2009.

Friendship Homes of Minnesota – Installation Manual


Hart Housing

Hart Housing was founded in 1998 in Wakarusa, IN. They are a small builder, only producing 100-150 homes each year. I could not find a website for the company, but I did find a listing on Modular Today.

Hart Housing Listing on Modular Today’s Website

Hart Housing Manufactured Home Manual


Horton Homes 

Horton Home’s website is non-working but I was able to find some information on them at Modular Today:

Horton Homes, located in Eatonton, Georgia, is the leading producer of HUD code manufactured homes and modular homes at a single facility in the nation. Manufacturing three homes a week from an abandoned chicken house in 1970, Horton Homes has grown to a 100 acre facility, with a manufacturing capacity of 100 floors a day.

Horton Homes Entry on Modular Today 

This manual is 75 pages and last revised in 2010.

Horton Homes Installation Manual


HUD’s Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards 

This 242-page manual covers the national HUD standards for mobile and manufactured homes. If research is your thing, and you want to know more about manufactured home installation and setup, this is the manual for you!

HUD’s Website )Manufactured Home Section)

Permanent Foundations Guide for Manufactured Housing

HUD Mobile Home Construction and Safety Standards


Minnesota – Dept. of Labor and Industry

Minnesota has one of the most thorough websites for manufactured homes I’ve seen. All the state’s forms and manuals are in one easy-to-use web page.

Minnesota’s Manufactured Home Webpage

All the printouts and guides available on the state’s website are handy but the following seemed to be the most helpful to an average manufactured homeowner:

Minnesota’s Pier Plan Worksheet Minnesota Frost Depth Guide for Piers


Mobile Home Institute

The Mobile Home Institute is known to be an advocate for the builders and the buyers. They describe themselves best:

MHI is the national trade organization representing all segments of the factory-built housing industry. MHI serves its membership by providing industry research, promotion, education and government relations programs, and by building and facilitating consensus within the industry.

MHI Website

View MHI Overview of Manufactured Home Installation


Marlette Homes 

Marlette is a very popular brand for mobile homes. They’ve been producing homes for decades and have a good reputation. I’ve seen evidence that they are associated with Shult Homes now and also of Norris Homes. The manual below was found with Shult Homes.

Marlette Homes Website

Marlette Homes Builder Installation Manual


Shult Homes

Shult Homes has been building mobile homes and manufactured homes since 1934. If you are a fan of vintage mobile homes, you’ve likely have seen or heard of Shult.

Shult Homes Website

This is a 166 page mobile home installation and setup manual:

Shult Homes Installation Manual


Skyline Corporation Manufactured Home Installation Manual

Skyline Corporation makes some beautiful homes and from what I’ve seen the owners are pretty happy with their quality. Skyline began in 1951, they have had plenty of time to master the art of manufactured home construction.

Skyline Corporation’s Website

Skyline Corporation Manufactured Home Installation


Wisconsin – Dept. of Commerce

Wisconsin’s Department of Commerce, Division of Safety and Buildings, released their manufactured home installation manual in 2007 based on their state laws.

Wisconsin Manufactured Home Hub

Wisconsin Manufactured Home Installation Manual – 2007 and Later


Other Helpful Guides for Mobile and Manufactured Homes

Home Depot’s Manual for Electric Water Heaters in Manufactured Housing

If you need to replace your manufactured home’s electric water heater, or just have questions about your water heater, this is a great resource. Home Depot is a national home improvement store and their guide includes thorough information for the use and care of a water heater as well as installation.

Home Depot’s Website

Home Depot Manual for Electric Water Heaters in Mobile Homes


State Water Heater’s Instruction Manual for Residential Manufactured Home Gas Water Heaters

If your manufactured home has a gas water heater, this instruction manual may be useful. It covers the installation, use, and care of the brand’s gas water heaters.

State Water Heater’s Website

Gas Water Heater Installation Manual for Manufactured Homes


 Thermo Pride Gas/Propane Furnace for Mobile Homes

Thermo Pride is a leading supplier for gas and propane powered furnaces in mobile and manufactured homes. This 44-page manual has tons of great information that could be handy for any mobile homeowner with a gas or propane furnace.

Thermo Pride’s Website 

Thermo Pride Gas/Propane Furnace for Mobile Homes

 Other resources that may help you:

We’ve created a few resources that may help you update or repair your mobile home. Just click on the name of the article that interests you:

The Ultimate Manufactured Home Installation and Setup Guide

Replacing Mobile Home Windows

Manufactured Home HUD Tags, Labels, Serial Numbers, Data Plates (and other things that make no sense)

The Ultimate Mobile Home Skirting Guide

Guide to Choosing the Best Mobile Home Siding

Together, We Can Create the Biggest Directory of Mobile Home Manuals and Guides!

If you know where additional mobile home manuals are located online please let me know. Together, we can create a convenient directory of mobile home manuals!

Thank you for reading Mobile and Manufactured Home Living! 


About The Author


Hello! I'm Crystal, the creator of Mobile Home Living and I appreciate you stopping by! I hope MHL is an inspiring and informative resource for you! Please consider letting me feature your remodels, room makeovers, and home improvement projects. There's not enough inspiration available for manufactured homeowners and I want to change that. Thanks!

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10 Responses

  1. Mary A Miller

    Where can I go to get the schematics (blue prints) on My 1969 Marlette mobile home? We’re having issues with our back bathroom fan (which sounds like a B-52 taking off) with baffling that doesn’t stay put. On cold nights that bathroom is literally an out house, and you can look up the fan and see the stars overhead. I want this so we can have better repairs done on it. We contacted Clayton Homes, Marlette division and were told that “none of the blueprints or manuals exist anymore for our age of mobile home”. That was it. Any ideas? I would appreciate any and all comments or ideas that might help us. Our local HVAC people aren’t finding our fan easy to replace without spending a $1k dollars to get this done.

    • Crystal Adkins

      Hi Mary,

      Clayton wasn’t lying! Unfortunately, none of the manuals or schematics would help you even if you could find them. Finding an exact or even close replacement of that fan will be near impossible. This is likely a situation where you will just have to replace the fan with a modern one and retrofit it and wire it in. Ideally, since your home is a 1969 you’ve already updated the wiring and the breakers so a new fan will be no problem (aluminum wiring was used till 1971-73).

      Best of luck!

  2. Cheryl Xavier

    Hi Crystal.
    Im a single mom and i love this site!!!! You are a true insperation!!!! I have lives in my mobile home i bought 10 years ago, and ive been looking for repair manuals and books on mobile homes myself. I have found that some of the main libraries in my state have copies of these manuals but it is only in the refrence section. I just have inherited a newer model mobile home in my park from my adoped dad. And i cant wait until i can move in and fix it up. Tjanks for all your wonderful help. Keep up the grwat work you are doing for everyone!!!!
    Love you and your awesome site, Cheryl😀

    • Crystal Adkins

      Hi Cheryl!

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write this comment! I cannot put into proper words how much it means to me to get comments like this. I have no idea what I’m doing 90% of the time, I just try to post things I want to know about or want to see so it’s really great to hear that it helps others (whether with information or inspiration).

      Thank you so much!

      PS Please take photos and notes of the new remodel. I’m always looking for projects to share!

  3. Jeff

    Hi Crystal,

    I’ve been reading your site for some time and I’ve been enjoying it. Regarding manuals, I’m wondering if you’ve ever heard of the mobile home manufacturer “Safeway”. Last year I purchased a 1969 44×24 Safeway Double Wide. I’d love to find some sort of manual so I can tell how the home was constructed and how I can safely remodel it.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Crystal Adkins

      Hi Jeff,

      The name sounds very familiar but I don’t have any literature on it. I’ll definitely add it to the list though. Thanks so much!

  4. Tracy

    The State on Minnesota maintains a pretty good archive of current and past installation manuals from many manufacturers.

  5. Melinda

    Horton Homes is no longer in business. They lost their manufacturing business to a judicial tax sale. Legacy Housing LTD acquired the Horton Homes facilities in November 2015. Legacy is up & running. If you type in, Legacy Housing rolls out its 100th new home from its Eatonton plant, it will take you to the article from The Eatonton Messenger website, posted on 5 May 2016. Here is Legacy’s website link,
    Thanks for all your hard work. Your site is most helpful.

    • Crystal Adkins

      Thanks for the in info Melinda. Manufactured housing is an ever-changing industry. I read once that there has been over 1,000 models built by over 400 (500?) different builders since the first mobile home came off the assembly line. Now, there’s only a few left.



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