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5 Budget-Friendly Mobile Homes For Sale This Month

There was a time when finding a used mobile home for sale was difficult. Thankfully, the internet changed that. With the popularity of Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and other realtor sites, it’s easier than ever to find budget-friendly mobile homes to buy. Some may require a little TLC while others are move-in ready, but all are fun to look at. That’s why we scour the web to find mobile homes that embody stylish living at an affordable price.

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5 Budget-Friendly Mobile Homes For Sale This Month

Fully Furnished Waterfront Mobile Home for $29,900

This two bedroom, 2 bath mobile home is in a resort park in Alabama and is available completely furnished. It doesn’t offer the year in the listing, but it looks to be very well maintained home. The master bath is open into the bedroom, which was a popular feature in 1970 and 80’s mobile homes. It also has the glass inserts in the ceiling that help make the lower ceilings appear higher and the smaller rooms feel larger.

budget-friendly mobile homes-waterfront-living room
Notice the ceiling?
budget-friendly mobile homes-waterfront kitchen
The light colored cabinets make the kitchen look larger.
budget-friendly mobile homes-waterfront bedroom
Not sure I like my bathroom and bedroom being in the same room.

Vintage Mobile Home Makes Perfect Vacation Retreat for $8,749

This two bedroom Rembrandt mobile home in New York has light blue kitchen appliances! If you like your paneling and cabinets to be unpainted this is a great home (and that alone makes the home unique, you simply can’t find older mobile homes that haven’t been painted often).

This would be a very cool vacation home if you are a vintage mobile home fan (according to listing lot rent averages $1000 a year which is a steal compared to our unofficial national mobile home park lot rent census).

budget-friendly mobile homes-vintage interior
Open floor plan helps to make this home look bigger.
budget-friendly mobile homes-vintage appliances
That’s not a color you see much anymore.
budget-friendly mobile homes-vintage exterior
The sun porch could use some updating.

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1979 Mobile Home is a Steal at $13,900

This two bedroom/1 bath mobile home in a mobile home park in Illinois has been updated with new flooring, remodeled bathroom, and kitchen. It features a full-size bay window on one end of the home which allows for tons of natural light to flood into the dining room and kitchen. The floor plan of this mobile home is unique because the kitchen and dining room are separated from the living area, which is something you don’t see very often.

budget-friendly mobile homes-70's living room
Big windows give plenty of light.
budget-friendly mobile homes-70's kitchen
A backsplash can really change the look of a kitchen.
budget-friendly mobile homes-70's window
Lots of room for a dining room table.
budget-friendly mobile homes-70's exterior
Nice size porch on the home as well.

Love This 1988 Victorian For $19,999

If you are looking for a budget-friendly mobile home that just needs a little bit of TLC, then this two bedroom/1 bath mobile home in New York is perfect. It seems to be pretty much in its original condition and maintained well.

budget-friendly mobile homes-victorian kitchen
So much cabinet space.
budget-friendly mobile homes-victorian built ins
Even a place for the microwave.

budget-friendly mobile homes-victorian exterior

1966 Gorgeous Mobile Home for $19,000

This is a gorgeous updated two bedroom/2 bath mobile home located in a community in California. It features granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and new laminate flooring. To us, this is a perfect example of the potential that can be found in older mobile homes.

However, there is one major drawback to this particular home. The lot rent is over $1700 a month! When buying a mobile home in a community, it’s so important to take into account the lot rent. Budget-friendly mobile homes aren’t a good deal if the lot rent is more than a mortgage payment would be. However, there is a housing shortage in CA and well, you get to live in CA, so….

budget-friendly mobile homes-1966 living room
Nice update.
budget-friendly mobile homes-1966 kitchen
Look at this kitchen!
budget-friendly mobile homes-1966 exterior
The exterior is very well maintained.

This month’s budget-friendly mobile homes are all less than $30,000. You can’t buy many used cars for that!

If you are looking to buy a used mobile home, check out your local Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or contact your realtor. Learn where and how to find vintage travel trailers for sale here. There are some great mobile homes of all makes and models out there!

This month’s mobile homes were found on Craigslist, Marketplace, and Zillow. Although the listings were active when we posted the article, remember the homes can be sold at any time and the listing removed. Also, we aren’t realtors; we only find cool homes to share with our readers and have no affiliation with anyone or anything in this article. 

Thanks for reading Mobile Home Living®.

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  1. Crystal Adkins

    Great comment! That’s one of my biggest problems so good thinking! I was told that many places no longer consider medical bills when offering credit but I don’t know how true that is.

  2. Well said, I am from the land of enchantment New Mexico. I’d like to add to his point with the heightened amount of people who have poor credit due to medical reasons.

  3. Crystal Adkins

    You are absolutely right, David. I hate the credit scoring system we have. Until they provide an easy way to repair errors and identity theft they should not be able to use those numbers.
    I’ve mentioned this before a couple of times but I am not a fan of parks or communities. The ideal mobile home living situation is to own your own land but unfortunately, that isn’t possible for everyone. I wish states would protect tenants better and local governments would allow more parks. Too bad the manufactured housing industry is more worried about people using the term ‘mobile home’ than they are trying to protect their buyers.

    Thank you!

  4. Hello, Nice article. Mobile home liveing (I own and live in a mobile home.) has two rather new problems. They are park space rent and credit scores. Mobile home park managers assume that anyone with a troubled credit report , must be a bad person and will refuse you to buy in a park. In Arizona a cedit report of 720 is required to be approved? A credit report only tells if you’ve had trouble paying past bills, yet it’s used for many things that make no sence such as insurance, jobs, rentals and mobile home parks. What are those thousands of people suppose to do? Live in a van with 30,000 in a sock?
    We all know about mobile home lot rent and the tendency to not earn it. You solve that by overturning bad legislation so new parks can be funded and built. An easy fix if your politions were working for the people. David Creson. USN Retired

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