5 Impressive Mobile Homes For Sale In April

One of our favorite things to share with our readers is the impressive mobile homes we find for sale every few weeks. Whether it’s single wides or double wides, we love to see what homeowners have done with their spaces and share the great deals available across the country. This month’s homes come from the Facebook group, Manufactured Housing and Mobile Homes, which always shares some awesome places.

Keep in mind, these homes were available at publication, but may not be on the market for long.

Mint Colored Single Wide is Given New Life

This newly remodeled 12×60 single wide is located in a 55+ park in California and is listed at $29,999. Although small, the entire interior has been renovated with new paint, new wood panel flooring, and a complete bathroom update. At around 1260 square feet this would be the perfect setup for a new retiree who is looking for something that is move in ready.

Even the lights have been updated.
Bedrooms are known to be smaller in older single wides.
Great job making the most of this small bath.
impressive mobile homes california exterior
Looks like the exterior got a facelift as well.

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Roomy Single Wide is a Deal

This 3 bedroom/2 bath single wide is set up in an all-ages community in Tennessee. Not only has it been completely updated, but it is also being sold completely furnished! Typically we aren’t a fan of dark walls, they seem to make the entire home feel small. However, that’s definitely not the case with this home. The darker walls and flooring are a perfect match and give this home a classic look that is timeless.

This is the Perfect Starter Home

Often homeowners decide to purchase property, with the intention of someday building their dream home on that space. However, until then they have to figure out where to live. This 2 bedroom/2 bath mobile home is just the solution. It’s a newer 16×76 home located in South Carolina with an asking price of $39,000 and would need to be moved from its current location.

The flooring is a perfect match for those kitchen cabinets.
Only updates that might be needed would be a change in the wall color.
Cabinets over the washer and dryer are a big plus.
impressive mobile homes south carolina exterior
Very nice exterior.

A Retiree’s Dream Home

If you are looking for a mobile home in California then you know how rare this 2 bedroom/1 bath mobile home in a 55+ park in Big Bear Lake California is. Listed at $39,999, this has to be one of the lowest-priced single wides we have ever seen posted for that area. Not to mention, it is completely move-in ready!

Divider wall breaks up the living room and kitchen.

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Lots of cabinets.
Stackable appliances are a wonderful space saver.

Newly Renovated Single Wide is Amazing

We’ve left our favorite of this month’s impressive mobile homes for last this month. Located in New York and listed for only $30,000, the ad states:

This is a newly renovated two-bedroom, one-bath home. Appliances such as fridge, stove, washer, and dryer will be included in the purchase. The kitchen faucet and soap dispenser are both touch-free. The fridge was purchased maybe a month ago brand new. The bathroom mirror is anti-fog and has blue tooth to enjoy music while showering or getting around, while also displaying time and inside temperature. The shower tower displays water temperature and times how long the shower is going with many different shower functions. Wall-mounted bedroom T.V. is also included along with all blinds throughout. Located in a very quiet community, that is also pet-friendly.

The theme of this single wide seems to be a combination of farmhouse with a touch of state of the art thrown in. Stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, and a bath that anyone would love to have complete the look.

Love those beams.
Wainscoting gives the hallway a finished look.
This bath would make anyone swoon!
Look at that shower.
You have no idea what a beauty this interior is just by looking at the outside.

There’s no doubt, its much easier to find a mobile home than it ever has been. With Facebook marketplace you can find a wide variety of places in any area you may be in. If you don’t have luck there, sites like Realtor.com are offering more and more impressive mobile homes as well.

We would love to hear what you think about this month’s impressive mobile homes? Have a particular one that you love? Comment below and tell us what you think!

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  1. Thanks for the catch, I just pulled the information straight from the listing. Maybe they were counting the carport?

  2. Those are nice, but your math is off. That first 12×60 would be 720 SF not 1200. A significant difference!

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