The renovated single wide we are sharing today comes to us from Alexis in Mississippi. Thanks to her Instagram, blissedsmiths, we are able to reach out to her and she was more than happy to share her story with us! Although the couple isn’t sure of the year or model of their mobile home, they are just happy to call it theirs.

It All Starts With a Vision

After returning back to their home state of Mississippi after living in California for Andrew’s job, the couple had no idea where they were going to live. Lucky for them, the right opportunity presented itself and they were able to secure a used mobile home at a good price. At first glance, there was no doubt that the home was going to need major work. However, Alexis had a vision of what the home could be and couldn’t wait to get started.

Alexis and Andrew with their Furbaby!
These walls are a nightmare for many homeowners.
Got to love that wallboard!
Love that built-in.
Just a basic mobile home bathroom.
Shew that’s pretty busy for a bedroom wall.
That wallboard follows you everywhere!

Boho Style Steals the Show

Alexis tells us that she learned quickly that the fastest way to change the look of a home was to update the walls and floors, so that’s where the couple started. So, up came the carpet, the wallboard and battens were removed from the walls, and the work began. Finding the right accessories for their boho style rounded out the remodel. And we love the finished look! We especially love the plants scattered throughout the space, which adds a pop of color and blends well with the total look.

A different color wall pulls the room together with the rest of the home.
The whitewashed fireplace adds to the boho style.
Everyone needs a little work space these days.

Reclaimed wood from Alexis’s grandfather’s old store was used for the gorgeous shiplap walls of the kitchen in this renovated single wide. The upper cabinets of the built-in were taken down and replaced with open shelving. New countertops and freshly painted cabinets complete the look.

Love that contrast.
So glad they kept the built in. Open shelving gave the space new life.
Love the cabinet color choice.

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Small bedrooms in mobile homes can definitely be a challenge. In this case Alexis did a wonderful job making the most of the space and continuing with the boho style that is incorporated into the rest of the home.

A large area rug pulls the room together.

One of the biggest challenges of any remodel is what to do with the bathroom. In Alexis and Andrew’s renovated single wide they decided to tear out the large garden tub and replace it with something smaller. They also repurposed a dresser as a vanity for their sink. Plants and pops of color complete the boho style Alexis was going for.

Reusing furniture for other purposes is a very popular trend these days.
Hard to believe that’s the same laundry space!

Alexis tells us of their renovated single wide “It was so nice to have creative freedom and to be able to transform this mobile home into the cozy home it is now. We now, lovingly, call it our little tuna can ha!”

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