Vintage New Moon Mobile Home kitchen remodeling ideas

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  1. I have the EXACT same mobile home. I’ve also eliminated the 2nd bedroom as well. Also painted paneling light grey in my case throughout. And vinyl plank flooring throughout (also light grey.

  2. I love how lovely it looks!! My brother has given me his exact same size and year home 1964 New Moon & he had his axles stored somewhere so he could move it later but they threw them away before he could get them. I need the buy new axles but we have no idea what bolt holes . We need 76″ axles but everywhere we go to order they ask us the size of bolt hole and distance between like 5.5 bolt circle or 5×4.5 bolt circle. Is there any possible way you can tell us? I thank you so much if you can help!
    Sincerely, Jenia

    1. Hi Jenia,

      You should be able to just rent the axles from a mobile home moving company. It’s much cheaper. Of course, if you plan on using the new Moon as a camper you’d want to buy them. A RV dealer or mobile home moving company should be able to help. Best of luck!

  3. Loved your article on the 1964 New Moon. We had a 10 x 55. I wished we had kept it. If you have a remodel of that size I would love to see it.
    The one in the article is so similar.

  4. Hi Crystal. I just can’t get enough of your blog and all your great ideas. I looked at a single wide yesterday that has lots of storage and an actual laundry room. Needs work but I can live with it the way it is for a while. It’s on a slopey lot which might be a bit of a problem, but can landscape a bit so there’s not much maintenance. Hope you can direct me to some “How to landscape a slopey lot” posts. Also, another issue you might have in your arsenal…not much space for a table. I love your post/article on the “1964 New Moon Mobil Home.” My new kitchen is about that size but with an opening to the hallway to the left (as you look at it) of the stove area, so passing by the table and chairs can be a trip hazard. I like your solution to the small table (expandable) but am nervous about all of it. Not a big budget and lots of old bulky furniture that isn’t going to work, (I think.) Can you tell I’m anxious? lol. Help, I need all the help I can get. I’ll be ok when I get the business of it going, but you are helping with your blog and everyone’s postings. Thanks. Lynn

    1. Hi Lynn!

      Congratulations on the new home! I recently saw a fold-out table at Ikea that I think is perfect for small kitchens. I’ve seen them used in campers too. I’ll add the link below. I think it’s around $100 so it’s not too expensive.

      Being from West Virginia, I do know a bit about living on hills and…Landscape timbers and cement blocks are perfect for creating ‘steps’ with gravel, river rock, and affordable perennial grasses to keep erosion at bay. Make sure you have a ditch for the water to use too. Nothing worse than a soggy slope!

      Best of luck to you! I’d love to add your home on here someday!

      Here’s the link to Ikea dining tables. I like the $129 Ingatorp, and the Norden for $199. Those wall-mounted dropleaf tables would work well to and they’re only $31! Man, I love Ikea!

  5. You make a good point about restoration versus remodeling: its theirs to do with as they like. Something else for purists to consider: not all vintage homes are suitable for restoration. I just purchased a 1968 Fleetwood single wide precisely because it isn’t worth restoring. It features MDF rather than wood paneling, aluminum wiring, a bath tub with no overflow drain, and who knows what the plumbing is like. The all-but-gut and remodel will allow me to widen door and hallways and include any other “universal design” element I wish to, to accommodate in advance any mobility needs which might arise in future. Not everything is a vintage Spartan, and not all Spartans are the mobile home equivalent of a “barn car”!

  6. As much as I adore seeing the authentic restoration of older mobile homes, I bought my place for $ 9,000.00 cash ( 1970 12 x 40 Fleetwood) I think I’m rather clever. Used a little chunk of my 402k,because if my bills are low ,I don’t have to have a lot of money to retire). It came with no cupboard or bedroom closet(,thank you Ikea ),people are amazed and inspired to do the same. Little by little I get it just the way I like it and someday hope to share with you. It is in a Vintage Trailer Park with vintage landscaping and so very cozy. I do not think it is feasible to restore it to avocado green,but I am considering doing a retro bathroom just for fun.I enjoy your site very much and often inspired to keep at it.

  7. I love this site and was thrilled to find it. I have lived in my 8 year old double wide for almost 3 years. I wish I would have bought one sooner. Problem is we are such newbies to this type of home and info is hard to find. I loved your recent plumbing article. I would like to get some info or your ideas on how to decorate a double wide that has those vaulted ceilings! And mine has the popcorn paint. Thanks for any ideas .

    1. Hi Debra! Thank you so much – I appreciate you commenting!

      Vaulted ceilings are one of my favorite features in a manufactured home – it really opens the space up! I think the problem with them is those thin strips that cover the seams just isn’t substantial (beefy) enough so it disappears into the space. I would solve that by adding depth and dimension with those faux beams. You’d have to measure and test the space to make sure you got the right size but if you proportion it right it would add a lot to the room and give the eye something to see up there which would make the space seem larger – its a win-win! Here’s a picture I found on Houzz:

      I don’t think the popcorn is an issue as long as you keep it nice and white so the shadows are minimized as much as possible. If it’s not to thick you might could find a textured paint that could even it out a bit. I wouldn’t recommend you try to remove the popcorn unless you’re prepared for a very big, messy job.

      Thanks so much for reading MHL and taking the time to comment – I appreciate you!

  8. Very, very nice re-do. Every home is a unique reflection of the inhabitants and this one presents itself very nicely as a cozy, chic, cool place. Good job!

  9. I love this blog! I can’t believe anyone would complain about remodeling and updating older mobiles. The sad alternative is that the house sets empty, deteriorating to the point where someone decides to destroy it! My mobile was built in the early 80s. I will NOT be bringing it back to its peach and mauve glory days, thank you very much!

    1. Great to hear from you Angie!

      I’m looking forward to the day I finally get rid of my harvest yellow bathtub! We keep putting it off cause we need to build an addition but whenever we save up enough to get started something always happens. Maybe someday I’ll get rid of it!

      Thanks for reading MHL and for taking the time to comment – I appreciate you!

      1. Have you considered refinishing your tub instead of replacing it? Either DIY or hire it done. A friend had her’s refinished and it is beautiful.

  10. I so enjoy what the owners do to make their mobeys their own!!! Keep up the good work, Crystal! I love your blog!

  11. Absolutely love this remodel! My passion is singlewides and love seeing what homeowners do to make them wonde
    rful and THEIRS!