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10 Cool Retro Trailers You Can Rent On Airbnb

We are sure you have heard, camping and “glamping” are hot right now. Booking sites reported that they saw a 400% increase last year over previous years. So of course we had to see what kind of cool retro trailers you can find on sites like Airbnb. From Airstreams to tiny trailers we found plenty of choices for your next camping adventure!

1949 Spartan Mansion

Our first Airbnb find is located right outside of Nashville, Tennessee, and wow is it a beauty! Lovingly known as “The Blueberry”, the Spartan is a step back in time with a touch of luxury added in.

1949 spartan interior | mobile home livingPin
Look at all that wood!
1949 spartan sitting area | mobile home livingPin
Cozy sitting area.
1949 spartan kitchen | mobile home livingPin
A simple kitchen space.
1949 spartan bedroom | mobile home livingPin
Bedrooms are typical small in older trailers.
1949 spartan bathroom | mobile home livingPin
Just the necessities indoors.
1949 spartan bath house | mobile home livingPin
Claw foot tub and double rainforest showers!
1949 spartan outdoor kitchen | mobile home livingPin
An outdoor kitchen.
Who wouldn’t want to get away to this?

1953 Spartanette Trailer Vintage Trailer

Our second Airbnb isn’t quite as luxurious, but if you are looking to get away from the hustle of the city and are a fan of cool retro trailers, this spot in the Catskills outside of NYC is just for you! It is fully restored inside and sleeps 4. The surroundings look pretty rustic but sometimes that’s just what you need to unwind.

1953 spartanette dinette | mobile home livingPin
Such a good restoration job.
1953 spartanette kitchen | mobile home livingPin
These look to be all original.
1953 spartanette full bed | mobile home livingPin
Less is more!
1953 spartanette twin beds | mobile home livingPin
Room for two more.
Privacy in abundance.

1964 Aristocrat Land Commander

Our next Airbnb find is fondly known as Clementine and is located in Arizona and is perfect if you are looking for a more “roughing it” kind of trip but aren’t interested in sleeping on the ground. Restored and decorated in typical 60s decor this small camper is a step back in time to when campers held just the basics.

1964 aristocrat sofa | mobile home livingPin
The sofa converts to a double bed.
1964 aristocrat dinette and bed | mobile home livingPin
The dinette converts to a small bed.
1964 aristocrat kitchen | mobile home livingPin
Older, smaller campers have ice boxes not refrigerators.
Retro trailers 1964 aristocrat exterior | mobile home livingPin
She could use a little exterior TLC.

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Tiny houses are popular on airbnb too. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be found all across the country.

Read more about tiny house airbnb.

60s Custom Trailer

Tucked away in a small mobile home park just two miles from the beach, this 1960’s custom trailer has it all. This one bedroom mobile home comes fully stocked and even includes a chef’s garden full of herbs and vegetables and bicycles for that ride to the beach!

60s custom trailer futon 1 | mobile home livingPin
Love all that wood!
60s custom trailer kitchen 1 | mobile home livingPin
This kitchen is fully functional.
60s custom trailer bedroom | mobile home livingPin
Nice size bedroom.
Retro trailers 60s custom trailer | mobile home livingPin
I bet this place stays rented.

1972 Vintage Camper

This 28′ foot vintage camper is located right outside of Charleston, South Carolina, only 6 miles from Folly Beach. So if you are looking for privacy and a place that is a little more laid back but still close to the action than this vintage beauty will do the trick!

1972 vintage camper interior | mobile home livingPin
Nothing fancy but comfortable.
1972 vintage camper bedroom | mobile home livingPin
Lots of natural light.
Retro trailers 1972 vintage camper exterior | mobile home livingPin
Who would know you are right outside the city?

1953 Retro Spartan

This 1953 Spartan Imperial Mansion certainly has the WOW factor! The owner did a wonderful job of remodeling the space while keeping the essentials such as the birch walls and ceilings. The addition of a modern kitchen and bath makes this a great find. Located in Austin Texas we could definitely see ourselves staying there!

1953 retro spartan interior | mobile home livingPin
What a gorgeous interior.
1953 retro spartan sitting area | mobile home livingPin
So glad they kept the original walls and ceilings.
1953 retro spartan kitchen | mobile home livingPin
All the conveniences of home.
1953 retro spartan bedroom | mobile home livingPin
Cozy space.
1953 retro spartan bath | mobile home livingPin
Love that tile.
Private and stylish.
Retro trailers 1953 spartan exterior sitting area | mobile home livingPin
A little hidden oasis.

1951 Vintage Beauty

Our next retro trailers find is located in the Yucca Valley of California and is totally solar-powered. Known as the Joshua Tree Hideaway, this 1951 Spartanette trailer is a beautiful step back in time. The decor is mid-century charming with tons of natural light, the whole space is just charming!

1951 vintage sitting area | mobile home livingPin
Cozy feel to the sitting area.
1951 vintage beauty kitchen | mobile home livingPin
Look at those appliances!
1951 vintage beauty beds | mobile home livingPin
Wood, wood, wood!
Retro trailers 1951 vintage | mobile home livingPin
Perfect spot for checking out the views.

50s Spartan Caravan

If your travels are taking you to Canada and you are a fan of retro trailers this 35 foot 1951 Spartan caravan in British Columbia is perfect for you. The owners went to great lengths to bring this vintage home back to its original glory and they did a great job.

50s spartan caravan interior | mobile home livingPin
Love that they kept it as original as possible.
50s spartan caravan kitchen | mobile home livingPin
Now those are some vintage appliances.
50s spartan caravan bedroom | mobile home livingPin
Looks pretty comfy.
Retro trailers 50s spartan caravan exterior | mobile home livingPin
The Spartan sits right on the riverbank.

1967 Spartan Beauty

Our most original Airbnb find comes to us from Terlingua Texas, has been featured on Nat Geo’s documentary show “Badlands, Texas”, and boy is it cool. We will let the pictures speak for themselves!

1967 spartan interior | mobile home livingPin
Look at all that detail.
1967 spartan bedroo | mobile home livingPin
One of a kind!
1967 spartan claw foot tub | mobile home livingPin
Claw foot tub is a nice addition.
1967 spartan view | mobile home livingPin
We can only imagine the views from here.
Retro trailers 1967 spartan | mobile home livingPin
So cool!

1948 Spartan

Our final Airbnb find was featured in Vintage Trailer and Camper magazine as well as Mobile Traveler. Located in Santa Fe New Mexico, this posh 1948 Spartan feels more like a resort than a vintage trailer. Decked out in all white, we aren’t sure this would be a kid-friendly spot but would be perfect for a romantic getaway.

1948 spartan living room | mobile home livingPin
This looks like something you would see in a hotel!
1948 spartan galley kitchen | mobile home livingPin
Room for any kind dining.
1948 spartan bedroom | mobile home livingPin
Love this!
1948 spartan bath | mobile home livingPin
Nice size bath.
So shiny and pretty.

These were just a few of the awesome retro trailers that we came across on Airbnb. As you can tell there is no shortage of cool places to stay.

No matter what part of the country you are in there is no doubt that the options are endless! Have you stayed somewhere cool? Tell us about it in the comments, we would love to hear about your experience.

As always we thank you for reading Mobile Home Living.

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