Mobile Home Living is extremely lucky to receive so many reader submissions every month. It’s so inspiring and helpful to see great mobile home remodels and makeovers. Today, we are sharing the Scheid’s 1986 double wide makeover in Dallas, Georgia.

The Backstory

Mike Scheid and his family of Dallas, GA purchased this 1986 double wide and knew they were going to have their hands full.

According to Mike, the house had great bones but it was run down and “looked as if the 80’s died in the house”. Even parts of the floor were giving away. Thankfully, Mike was an experienced handyman and knew he would be able to do most of the work himself.

Before the 1986 Double Wide Makeover

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The Process for the 1986 Double Wide Makeover

The first step in this remodel was to decide exactly what they wanted to accomplish. They knew they had a budget and hoped to stick close to it.

Next was demolition. There were definitely some obstacles that they faced along the way. The front bathroom was the toughest because the tub didn’t want to go in and the wall didn’t seem to want to hold the paint.

The plumbing was a bit of a challenge, as well. Learn more about mobile home plumbing here. 

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“It looked as if the 80’s died in the house!”

After the 1986 Double Wide Makeover

It would probably be easier to say what wasn’t changed during this 1986 double wide makeover rather than what was!

First of all, drywall was replaced in the home. Then new tubs were installed. Also, new cabinets and countertops were added in the kitchen. New carpet and laminate flooring were laid throughout the entire home. Finally, they replaced the tile around the fireplace in the den.

There was a ton of painting involved and the results are awesome!

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New bathroom in 1986 double wide makeover.
New bathroom in 1986 double wide makeover.

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Second bathroom after the 1986 double wide makeover.
New bathroom in 1986 double wide makeover. Notice the unique tub surround?
1986 double wide makeover - kitchen after
Kitchen after the makeover.

1986 double wide makeover - updated fireplace, flooring and paint in living room

Updated fireplace, flooring, and paint in the living room.

1986 double wide makeover - kitchen after
Kitchen after the makeover.

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In Closing

We asked Mike what his favorite room in the house was and he said he loved the entire project but really loved the fireplaces in the den and the master bedroom.

The final cost of the project was around $15,000. Consequently,  Mike offered a little piece of advice about going into any remodeling project: make sure you have the funds to cover the whole project because it gets expensive fast, buy cheap, and make sure the electrical is good!

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