removing battens from vinyl-coated wallboards in mobile homes - ask a mobile home expert series (painting the entire wall to blend in everything)

5 Common Questions about Painting Vinyl Mobile Home Walls

This week’s Ask a Mobile Home Expert article answers our 5 most common questions about painting vinyl mobile home walls. Let’s face it, the popular vinyl-coated wallboards used in manufactured homes are a pain to update. Paint doesn’t like to stick to the vinyl coating very well.  And the battens, oh, those battens! Luckily, many …

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Plan a stress-free remodel (1)

Planning a Stress-Free Home Remodel

Don’t let those glossy home magazine photos fool you, home remodeling can be stressful! But there are ways plan a stress-free home remodel. Long-term home remodeling projects are life-altering and can lead to an enormous amount of stress. Your home, that wonderful space that’s all your own, is turned upside down. Materials are in the way, the home gets …

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Mobile Home Pest Control Tips

Mobile home living has a lot of advantages. For one, it’s far cheaper than owning and maintaining a traditional house. Like any home though, mobile homes are susceptible to pest problems, that’s why we have put together these mobile home pest control tips. If you missed our previous article, here are some more tips for …

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Transporting a Mobile Home: Find the Right Mobile Home Mover

Transporting a mobile home and finding the right mobile home mover can be a bit tricky. Mobile homes offer great affordability and convenience but they are not as easy to move as most people think. You can’t just hook up a mobile home and pull it like you can a camper. Transporting a mobile home requires careful planning, …

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I M G 4253

50 Incredibly Useful Tips about Mobile Homes

If someone is new to Mobile Home Living and has never been around a factory-built home they probably don’t know what they don’t know. While mobile homes are remarkably similar to site-built homes, there are still differences. For example, financing and installation are more complex but the plumbing is more simplified. Every one of these …

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Single Wide Manufactured Homes On Dealers Lot

Expert Tips for Buying a New Manufactured Home

Ready to buy a new manufactured home? The following tips have been cultivated over the last 8 years from books, articles, and personal conversations with industry experts. In this article, you’ll find advice on the best upgrades for a manufactured home and how to negotiate with the dealers to get the best home at the …

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How to Hire Mobile Home Contractors Without Getting Ripped Off

It doesn’t take much effort to find some truly terrible stories about a family getting ripped off by a home improvement professional. When you add mobile homes into the equation it gets even easier to find horror stories. This article, How to Hire Mobile Home Contractors Without Getting Ripped Off, will help you learn how …

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declutter your mobile home-kitchen countertops

Simple Tips to Declutter Your Mobile Home

We are all guilty of it. Holding onto something because we may need it, or it has sentimental value, or it MIGHT fit one day down the road. But, Spring is in the air and what better time is there for some simple tips to declutter your mobile home. With these awesome ideas we found …

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10 Important Questions About Mobile Home Skirting

Buying and installing mobile home skirting is an absolute necessity for a manufactured home. However, there is so much to know about buying mobile home skirting. How much skirting do I need? What kind of skirting is best for my home?  Isn’t vinyl skirting always the best choice? Why should I consider faux rock skirting? To make …

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Building a Two-Story Addition onto a Manufactured Home - the single wide with the foundation of the addition

Building a Two-Story Addition onto a Manufactured Home

This single wide didn’t stay single for long. It didn’t stay single story for long, either. See how one tenacious couple created their dream home by building a two-story addition onto a manufactured home. Meet the Arledge’s Jessica and her husband live in Polk County, NC and wanted to live completely debt-free. Their plan was …

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