I work from home full time now (no, I’m not talking about this blog). I am working in the medical field and there’s tons of online paperwork and research that has to be done so I need space to work.

I really enjoy my job, the responsibilities and the pay is alright. The fact that I work from home is very, very convenient. I get to take my dogs for a quick walk to get my daughter to and from school, take a quick break anytime I want, and clean a little throughout the day (yeah, like I really do that, but I could if I really needed to). As long as I get my responsibilities taken care of and call back anyone that has left a message on the corporate phone within half an hour, I’m good to go. It’s working out perfectly for my family and me. It’s a great feeling to contribute to the household budget (I see new windows coming in the near future!) and it’s a nice slide back into the corporate workforce after years of being a stay at home mom and only doing freelance work.

Of course, now I have to have a home office. I use our master bedroom and have made a nice space for myself with plenty of shelving for organization. While planning the space I looked online for some ideas and found lots of inspiration for small office spaces – just like you find in a single wide.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Just my style:

Wonderful warm colors:

Creamy and cozy:

This would be perfect for a mother’s work desk and a daughter’s school desk:
This comfy closet home office would be perfect in a single wide:
Colors are a great way to add some interest to any workday:
Country, vintage and unique is pure perfection. Have you noticed the rotating tower with tin cans and graters used as pencil holders?
Satisfying the sophisticated side:
Another closet creation with a place for everything:
Small and cute:
Simple and sleek:
Love it, just love it:
Simplicity at its best:
Romantic and relaxing:
Baby blue and beautiful:
Wild, wacky and wonderful:
Orange you glad I found this one:
Purple perfection:
Always save the best for last. This is just my style:
If your like me and you suddenly find yourself needing a home office, look for some unused space close to at least one window. I have 4 all around me and can’t wait to get some new windows and curtains. 
I was lucky enough to have a built-in desk with drawers and cabinets on each end of a long counter that spans the entire width of the home, at the very end of our mobile home in our master bedroom. It is the quietest place in the house. It just seems like this single wide was so perfect for us that the architects of the Homette knew I would need a home office before I even knew it! 

I found all of these photos from DigsDigs.com, one of my favorite blogs! They find the best photos from the best sources. You have to check them out if you haven’t already.

As always, thank you so much for reading Mobile Home Living!

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8 Responses

  1. Rick Hamilton

    Thanks for the post! It is amazing what can be done with such small spaces. I love the “Simple and sleek” look that you shared. When it comes to home office chairs, what type of chairs do you prefer?

  2. Lynda

    Very cute ideas! I was wondering what is the name of the company you work for? Iam too planning on working from home!

    • Crystal Adkins

      Hi Lynda!

      It’s great to hear from you! You can work from home in lots of medical billing or insurance positions. Usually, as long as you have internet and can access the company’s servers you can work for any doctor or medical clinic in the country. If you have experience in medical billing, medical records, or insurance processing you should have no problem finding a company that will hire you on a freelance basis. It’s a great way to go if you want to work on your own terms!

      Good luck!

  3. Missy

    Wow, great ideas. I work at home too in the medical field and I love all of these ideas and plan on redoing my office soon. Thanks for all the great ideas!

  4. CrystalMHL

    Me too! I loved the last one the most and I think the teal blue is
    just the blue I have been looking for. I have two small walls in my
    living room and my living room is in teal, white and a touch of brown.
    Loved it! Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

  5. CrystalMHL

    I have my \”ole man\” at home for the next few weeks. His plumbing
    company is waiting on a school to start construction. So not only have
    I began working from home but he is now the cook and our daughters
    chauffeur, he even went with her to sale Girl Scout cookies. Our roles
    completely switched but he has been so great to help out, I do have a
    wonderfully modern man!

    I think any home should have an office, I don't know where everyone
    else handles their bills, school papers, etc but its at my desk after
    work hours and before that it was ever so organized in a box in the
    closet and I would sit on the bed and make checks out..lol..love the
    whole crafting office idea. I can't wait till we add on to this little
    single wide, it is not easy at all keeping all these things
    organized..thanks so much for commenting and reading MHL!

  6. Shirlee

    Those are all great inspirations pics. Hard to pick a favourtie. My husband is self employed and works at home plus I've been a SAHM since the youngest arrived (who is now 19) It was a huge adjustment having the hubs around all.the.time. Our home is not large but it had a very small bachelor suite apt. attached to it so that's his work space. I needed somewhere for all my craft stuff, computer etc so when we gutted the LR & DR, we also took apart an odd space off the LR and converted it into a space for me and my stuff. It was basically a storage closet with homemade stairs to the attic. The stairs are gone and we took the door off to open up the room.
    When in a small space, you need to be creative in finding hidden potential.

    Have a a great day!


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