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We’ve been fortunate to feature mobile home remodels from all across the United States but we’ve never had a chance to share a remodeled English holiday home until now.

Peter McGowan, a member of our Facebook group Mobile Home Living: Remodels and Repairs, was nice enough to share his newly remodeled English holiday home with us. It’s a gorgeous home that proves any factory-built house, regardless of where it’s built or what size it is, can become a stylish modern home.

In England, factory-built homes intended for full-time living are called holiday homes and are typically located in parks. These homes are not quite as stereotyped and stigmatized as mobile homes are here in the US.

Sturdy but Boring

Peter purchased the 1999 holiday home for around 1300 Pounds ($1670). Although nothing special, the home was sound and had tons of potential. All it needed was some TLC and imagination.

English holiday homes are typically smaller than American manufactured homes.

Finding the Hidden Beauty in This Remodeled English Holiday Home

Peter gave us a rundown of his completed projects to the remodeled English holiday home so far.

First, he essentially gutted the home. He ripped out the spare bedroom, added a wall in the kitchen, installed a gas log-burning stove, and added a built-in the seating area for the home.

Next, he added new flooring and carpet, blinds, trimmed out the windows and painted and wallpapered the interior. Finally, he added the skirting board to the exterior. The cost of the remodels so far has cost around £2000 (around $2500).

caravan interior before
The holiday home before the remodel.
caravan while tearing out
The interior was gutted.

While gutting the interior walls and windows, Peter decided to go ahead and upgrade the ceiling as well. In the image below you can see how an English static caravan is constructed. The trusses look to be 24″ OC.

caravan during the remodel ceiling repair
Installing a new ceiling in the caravan.

There is so much to love about this remodeled English holiday home. The cozy sitting area surrounded by the contrasting gray and black wallpaper creates a modern but homey feel. It’s a completely different style from what Peter started with.

Great Advice for Homeowners About to Remodel their Home

I asked Peter if he had any advice or tips for other homeowners that are interested in remodeling their own home. His advice was to take your time and don’t be afraid.

Finishing a remodel, whether a whole home or just a single room, is one of the best feelings in the world. It’s common to want to rush through a remodel, especially if you are living in the home during the project but Peter recommends taking your time.

He also suggests homeowners push their fears aside and take the first step to create their dream home. If you break an entire project into smaller tasks it’s easier to handle and doesn’t get as overwhelming.

caravan trim around windows
The detail around the windows adds to the charm of the room.

Details are important, especially in a small home. By framing the window with decorative trim and corner pieces, Peter gave the windows more prominence and helped lighten up the room.

caravan floor after laying
It’s amazing how much flooring can transform a room.

Finding the Perfect Balance

The end result of Peter’s remodel is beautiful!

It’s difficult to make a small space seem cozy and while still being bright and airy but Peter found the perfect balance. Without all that light entering the room, the darker walls could have easily created a dark cavernous space. However, the darker walls and flooring paired with all that light from the many windows was a perfect match for each other. It’s a great lesson in balance for anyone living in a smaller home.

caravan log burner
The log burner is small but perfect for the home.
caravan interior finished
Bright but still cozy living room.

Peter has plans to finish the kitchen remodel and update the bedroom and bathroom to match the rest of the home. Hopefully, he will share his final projects with us too.

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  1. When we were there about 20 years ago, I visited a woman in a mobile home park. They weren’t as large as most American ones, but hers was very charming. Shorter and wider. It was a very nice park, too.


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