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Single Wides

Single wide mobile homes are the original tiny home. They are perfect for small families and couples that don’t need a lot of space. You can buy an older single wide mobile home for a couple of thousand dollars and remodel it into a true dream home and the homes below prove it.

1983 Single Wide Gets A New Lease on Life

Recently we asked our readers to share with us their remodeling stories. Thankfully, they were happy to share homes such as this 1983 single wide from Shannon and Renee in North Carolina. This has to be one of the most drastic changes to a single wide we have ever shared. The couple managed to completely transform a plain 80's single wide into a

Our 4 Top Single Wide Home Finds for Fall

This month we are sharing our top single wide home finds as we head into Fall. Our homes all come from the Facebook Group Manufactured Housing and our friend Steve who has found some great single wides all across the country. Keep in mind, although these homes were available at publication, the links may not still be available as homes sell

A Tiny House Full of Modern Farmhouse Charm

We have always been a fan of the tiny house movement, even before they were cool. Let's face it there are many benefits to living in a smaller space, from less house to clean, easier to maintain and let's not forget lower utility costs. However, these days we can't help but marvel at how far they have come as far as design and style. For example,

These 5 Mobile Homes for Sale in Washington are Winners

Technology is awesome. We can jump on a computer, type in a few words, and see some gorgeous mobile homes for sale in any state. Here are our top 5 mobile homes for sale in Washington in the last couple of months. Three of these mobile homes for sale in Washington sold within a week of the listing. Based on these listings, lot rent is very