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Total Double Wide Manufactured Home Remodel

We previously featured Deb Miller’s exterior manufactured home remodel and she’s been kind enough to share the rest of her home with us. It’s a beautiful double wide that has been remodeled inside and out with excellent use of texture and color. Best of all, it’s paid for!

Deb bought the home as a foreclosure after being laid off from her job. By cashing in her 401 and using it to by the home outright, she was able to make the best of a bad situation and ultimately ended up with a beautiful mortgage-free home. She explains:

“ I live in Indiana (northern). Recently bought MY first house after being married for 25 years, then divorced. Also going back to school after 30 years due to layoffs. So, found a foreclosure,1990 manufactured home(never thought I’d live in one). 3 bed ,2 bath with a 2 car garage, full basement on three city lots. Cashed in the 401k and paid cash for the place. Now living mortgage free and studying, fixing the place up and not so stressed out about everything.”

Going mortgage-free is a great way to live and Deb proves that it can be done in total style and we get to see it all – the exterior and interior, as well as the full basement under the home!

Exterior Ideas for a Manufactured Home Remodel

This manufactured home remodel includes new decking, windows, siding, stone and new landscaping in the front and back yard. Neutral tones set the stage for a tasteful, appealing exterior style and the earth tone palette combined with textual elements create great curb appeal.

Here’s what the home looked like when Deb bought it. The home itself and the front yard looked well-kept but the backyard left a lot to be desired. Deb saw that the home had a lot of potential and was able to make it happen!

manufactured home before new owners purchased it

manufactured home before exterior remodel

manufactured home before backyard makeover

The manufactured home remodel began with new windows and siding. Vinyl siding on manufactured homes can make a huge impact, add stone accents and you’ve got a winning combination.

installing new siding on a manufactured home

A deck, window seat in the front and completely new landscaping was added later.

double wide remodel - exterior

double wide exterior remodel - after

new deck on manufactured home double wide

landscaping ideas for a manufactured home

manufactured home garage attachment

The backyard was completely updated with beautiful landscaping details!

manufactured home exterior makeover

backyard fire pit

creative backyard landscaping ideas

Interior Ideas for a Manufactured Home Remodel

Interior updates included new paint, kitchen backsplash, countertops and much more! Here’s the kitchen before Debs’ remodel.

kitchen before manufactured home remodels

kitchen counters before manufactured home remodel

Though it was a fine looking home, Deb updated it with a modern counter and back splash.

kitchen after manufactured home remodel

kitchen island after manufactured home remodel

The living room was painted, too.

living room after manufactured home remodel

interior after manufactured home remodel

One of the unique features of this home is the basement. The double wide sits on a full basement that Deb turned into a great game room.  The entrance to the basement was conveniently placed in the dining room and has a full door and stairs to the extra room.

basement entrance modification in a mobile home

 A full wall was originally built around the opening, but Deb modified a bit and added a white railing.

added railing to basement entrance

basement entrance in manufactured home

Walking down the steps takes you to a full-size basement. The space is used as a large game room and bar, perfect for Sunday football!

finished basement in a mobile home

mobile home basement interior

mobile home basement with bar

man cave in a mobile home basement

The Homeowners Interview

Deb was kind enough to answer some questions for us. I wasn’t able to connect with her when I featured the exterior of her home remodel. Learning from others that have remodeled their manufactured home is a great way to prepare for your own home update.

Make and model of your home?

Fairmont Manufactured Homes (not sure model). I bought it as a foreclosure. The interesting thing is, I live in northern Indiana and I worked at the company that built it for 9 years!

Exterior rock brand? Is it real rock or fake?

The exterior rock is fake. Comes in panels, goes on like regular vinyl siding. I’m sorry I don’t remember the name but we got it at Lowe’s. It costs about 3 times what the vinyl siding costs. That’s why we only used a small amount here and there.

You use different materials and textures on your exterior and it is beautiful! How did you decide on the material, color, style and such?

I wanted it to be different from most houses you see. I was trying to give it some character. Break up the lines a little. We have people in the summer when I’m out in the yard actually stop and tell me how great it looks! I love that!

The decks are great. They are a perfect size and I love the style and color. I commented on the previous article that it would be good for storage. Do you use it for storage? Is the wood stained to get that warm tone?

Again, I wanted to give it some curb appeal so that is why we tried to give the porch a little character, make it appealing. Yes, it is used for storage, there is a door on the side. And yes, it is stained. I used two similar colors to make it stand out a little. Cedar and brown.

What’s the color of your interior walls (the light green)?

Dutch Boy Earthy Wonder. However, I cannot take credit for that, I saw a picture on the internet and loved it!

You’ve got quite a bit of experience in remodeling and home improvement projects now. Is there any tips or advice you could share with us?

First, do lots of research but don’t be afraid to just tackle things! The worst that can happen is it’s not what you thought it would be, but usually, it turns out even better than you hoped!

Can you give us some details about the basement?

One of the first things we did was tear down part of the basement access wall and door going down into the basement. The main door we use is the side door by the garage. As soon as you walked in before, you were standing right next to the basement access door. It made it feel cramped as soon as you came in. So we tore out the door, half of the wall and put in a column and railing. I love it!

How long have you lived in your home? Is it on private land or in a mobile home community?

It has been about 3 1/2 years now. It is on 3 city lots. Right on the end of a street on the edge of town. There is a cornfield to the side across the street. It was a foreclosure and I bought it and thought I could remodel out-of-pocket, but soon realized I would have to borrow and get a lot done. So before we did much at all to it, it was appraised at three times what I paid for it. I am not sure not how much more it would appraise at!

What’re your favorite things about your manufactured home?

That I have customized it to my own personal tastes. It has so many features now that I love! I always wanted a window seat and now I have one!

What’s the least favorite thing about your manufactured home?

The odd sized of certain things. The patio door is only 78″ tall, most patio doors are taller, so we could not get one at the home improvement store. Luckily the factory where it was built is very close by and you can purchase parts from them! The interior walls are 3″.  Standard is 4″.  I would like to replace all the interior doors soon. So have to decide to buy standard doors with jambs and cut them down, or just buy door slabs and build custom door jambs. Little things like that.

What was the toughest part of the remodels/updates? Anything you would do differently?

It is a lot of hard work! But so rewarding when you finish something! The tough part is the things you don’t know, or plan for that go wrong. When we tore off the old siding a lot of the OSB had to be replaced as it had warped or rotted. Same when we redid the roof. We found a corner that was leaking and rotting and had to tear it out and fix it before we could do the roof. Things like that.

This is a beautiful double wide remodel and I appreciate Deb sharing it with us and answering our questions. There’s lots of great information here!

It’s homes like this that prove just how great a manufactured home can be. Not only are they more affordable than a stick-built home, but you can do anything you want to them!  Of course, this is no ordinary manufactured home though, the 2 car garage and full basement make this manufactured home a true, one-of-a-kind home that is gorgeous!

As always, thank you for reading Mobile Home Living!

Crystal Adkins created Mobile Home Living in 2011 after buying a 1978 single wide and searching online for mobile home remodeling ideas but finding very little. Today, it's the most popular resource in America for mobile home information and inspiration and has been visited over 40 million times.



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