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Vintage Mobile Homes

Welcome to one of the largest collections of vintage mobile homes online!

We love vintage mobile homes and like to share articles about their history. From tents to the huge manufactured homes we have today, there were a lot of cool models and awkward steps in between. Learn about a few of them here.

“Wish You Were Here!” 35 Vintage Mobile Home Postcards

Postcards were almost as important as the trailers when travel trailer first hit the scene. They were essentially the Facebook of the time. Families and friends traveling in their campers would send postcards to everyone they knew to let them know they were safe and having a wonderful time. A little deliberate bragging was always important too. In

The History of Mobile Homes is Fascinating

The history of mobile homes is fascinating and far better than any soap opera you could watch. The mobile home industry has faced more twists and turns and valleys and peaks than any other industry that I know. There have been political and social injustices, volatile and cyclical economies, and fighting and competition of all sorts going on

1936 Travel Trailers: Fastest Growing Industry in US History

A travel trailer was the ultimate accessory for the automobile owner in the early 1930s. Unfortunately, it wasn't so easy to buy a one. You could build your own trailer or you could pay someone to build one for you but both options were expensive. Thankfully, The Covered Wagon Company changed that when they began mass-producing their trailers in

This 1962 Skyline Single Wide is a Vintage Mobile Home Beauty

This retro mobile home is what the modern tiny homes wish they could be! You won't find the character or class that's in this 1962 Skyline single wide in any modern tiny home. It's a true vintage mobile home beauty. It's no secret that vintage mobile homes are cool again. And they should be - very few things can claim such a proud place in…

This Original 1955 Fleetwood Custom Mobile Home is Amazing

Fleetwood has been a well-known builder of entry to mid-level mobile homes since the early 1950's. Their homes were among the first to offer different floor plans and designs to meet the needs of families. This original 1955 Fleetwood Custom Mobile Home is amazing - the owners have kept it in its original glory for over half a century and the new…

Free Vintage Mobile Home Books You Can Read Online

The 1930's gave us plenty of good books about vintage mobile homes. These small little homes being pulled by fancy new automobiles gave both professional and amateur writers something to write about. Those that had the money could travel about the country with their home trailing right behind. The automobile and those accompanied palaces were,…

Where and How to Find Vintage Travel Trailers For Sale

Trying to find vintage travel trailers for sale? In this article, we'll show you our 12 favorite websites that have vintage travel trailers for sale and an arsenal of free tools that will help you search for your favorite vintage trailers.  You don't have to look on eBay or Craigslist every day, you don't have to travel through every campground…

Spotlight on Spartan Carousel Travel Trailers

The Spartan Carousel is one of our favorite vintage mobile home models. From the abundance of windows, the cool skylight, and the round kitchen they are everything we hold dear in a vintage trailer design.  Finding one of these beauties is rare, but finding three to share with you, is a special treat! Related: Landing the Plane: The Story of the…

Watch a Genuine Trailer Remodel in 1954

We love all vintage trailers and getting to watch a trailer or mobile home get remodeled or updated is fun. There's a certain satisfaction in seeing something old and damaged be returned back to its original glory. That's exactly what is happening in this video of a 1954 trailer remodel. I found these photos in a vintage mobile home magazine and

Remodeled Bus Converted Into A Tiny Home

We here at Mobile Home Living are fans of all kinds of mobile and manufactured homes. Especially ones that go beyond what you would typically think of. Perfect example, this completely remodeled bus converted into a tiny home that was recently shared on Facebook. Enjoy! A Look at This Remodeled Bus Here are the Details of the Listing:  REMODELED…