Expandable Mobile Home Interior

Expandable Mobile Homes: The First Double Wides

The double wide mobile home was a direct descendant of expandable mobile homes. The manufactured housing industry offered larger, more comfortable, and more luxurious models every year. A constant battle to come up with the latest concept or feature brewed between the builders. Just like a vehicle, people could trade their homes in for the newer …

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trailer life show 3

Trailer Shows of the Past

Trailer Shows were popular events. A trade show gave you the opportunity to see all the current models of the year in one place and you were likely to see a celebrity or daredevil while visiting. It was a day out, strolling through an area and looking at beautiful homes – I can’t think of …

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Cutout Sign

25 Cool Retro Mobile Home Park Signs

Neon signs and mobile homes have a lot in common. Both began in the early 1900s, both were once symbols of a fun time, both suffered from leaked industry secrets and patent issues, and both were eventually stigmatized as symbols of seedy establishments. With so much in common, it seems fitting that so many mobile …

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beautiful mid-century mobile home decor ideas

Mid-Century Modern Mobile Home Decor Ideas

Ready for some awesome mid-century modern mobile home decor ideas? Mid-century modern is one of the most popular decorating styles and for good reason, it’s beautiful and perfect for small spaces, especially smaller mobile homes. Defining Mid-Century Modern Wikipedia defines mid-century modern as an architectural movement that uses a unique style with lots of clean …

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1954 Pacemaker Trii-level Mobile Home Remodel - after paint

1954 Pacemaker Tri-Level Mobile Home Remodel

This Pacemaker Tri-Level Mobile Home remodel is a perfect example of using a vintage mobile home as a base for small living. The condition of this 60-year-old home proves that American pride and workmanship was at its finest in the mid-1950’s when mobile homes were experiencing their Golden Age. Pacemaker Trailer Company Pacemaker Corporation, once …

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Elcar Sun Car 1

9 Unique Vintage Mobile Homes that Were Ahead of Their Time

There have been dozens of unique vintage mobile homes over the years, some more awesome than others. In this article, we take a look at vintage mobile homes that were ahead of their time. Understanding Trailer Shows Trailer shows were popular events all over the nation. Movie stars and performers entertained attendees while builders showed …

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