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Vintage Mobile Homes

Welcome to one of the largest collections of vintage mobile homes online!

We love vintage mobile homes and like to share articles about their history. From tents to the huge manufactured homes we have today, there were a lot of cool models and awkward steps in between. Learn about a few of them here.

The Wolfson House

What Do You Get When A World Famous Architect and a  Vintage Spartan Trailer Get Together?

Utter Awesomeness!

This is a 1948 Spartan Royal Mansion mobile home (although another reference the home as a 1947 model) that has a gorgeous home built right around it! Get this, the very famous architect and designer, Marcel Breuer, kept the Spartan

Retro Mobile Home Remodel

Modern, Hip & Fabulous!

I stumbled upon yet another fabulous retro mobile home remodel. This is in France so I have no idea about the manufacturer or if it's even a true mobile home. It could possibly be a train car, I don't really know. It looks close enough to a vintage single wide trailer to me though!
The owner is Pierre Arnoux and he…

Total Trailer Chic Remodel

By way of The Nate Show website, I found this gorgeous single wide trailer remodel in the House Proud section. After drooling, reading and clicking a magical link, I found 2 more wonderful mobile home transformations at a blog called "Trailer Chic." They are 2 ladies that love trailers. While I haven't had time to read this blog in

The Vintage Camper Fad is Awesome!

There's a new fad that has hit the internet wide open. The masses have found out about our long held secret called...get ready for it......camping. Yep, camping in a vintage camper.
Tear drops and canned hams are 2 types of the most popular vintage campers, called such because of their shape. Don't get them confused with the actual manufactures