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Fabulous Farmhouse RV Makeover

I had no idea I was looking at a 5th wheel RV when I first saw these images. I assumed I was looking at a single wide at the least, maybe even a double wide. Imagine my surprise when I found it was a 2012 model Fleetwood Wilderness 5th wheel RV!

Now, I know camera tricks can make a home look larger but this isn’t any trick. It’s a smart combination of color, decor, and furnishings. Luckily, Toni Arnold, the owner and designer behind this fabulous farmhouse RV makeover, is sharing her camper and a few tips to make your own RV look just as great.

Shabby Chic Farmhouse Style R V

Dark Trim and Green Carpet

Toni jokes that she found some Dixie Belle Chalk paint at a yard sale and just started painting. She didn’t stop until everything in the RV had been removed or painted, even down to the picture frames.

Toni’s 5th wheel had dark trim and green carpet until a friend gave her a little bit of yellow and blue paint. She mixed the two colors until she got a green she liked.

Toni Arnold‎ R V Shabby Chic Farmhouse Makeover Living Room 2

The furniture came from thrift stores, market place, yard sales and even the side of the road.

The flooring came from Toni’s son-in-law that was leftover from a job. The French doors were just sidelights from an exterior door that she chalk painted. She also antique-waxed the mirror and glass.

Next, she took the awnings off the windows and most of the doors off the overhead cabinets and hung some tin. To give the room a more homey look she added decorative window film she found from Lowe’s to the two small side windows.

Shabby Chic Farmhouse R V Makeover Interior 2 1

It’s given me real joy to take dark and depressing to light and happy.

toni Arnold
Shabby Chic Farmhouse R V Makeover Dining Area
Toni Arnold‎ R V Shabby Chic Farmhouse Makeover Tv Nook 1
I had no idea I was looking at a RV!

The fireplace area used to be a big built-in entertainment center. Toni took it all out, installed porcelain tile on the floor, and installed a small fireplace she bought used and painted.

Go light and get joy out of it.


3 Great Tips for Your Own Farmhouse RV Makeover

I asked Toni if she had any tips she could share with fellow RV owners and she had two really good tips. First, remove the exterior awnings from the windows and doors if at all possible. It allows light in and gives the space a brightness no lightbulb can compete with.

Toni’s second tip was one I’ve only see in 2 other mobile homes but never an RV: remove the doors from some of the cabinets to make it look bigger. You’ll create a great display space too.

Her last tip to giving a modern RV a shabby chic/farmhouse look is to get rid of all the builtins and add your own pieces.

“Take out the furniture that came with it so you can turn it into YOUR HOME.”

Thank you, Toni, for sharing your beautiful farmhouse RV makeover and for sharing so many great tips.

As always, thank you for reading Mobile Home Living!

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Crystal Adkins Adkins

Crystal Adkins Adkins

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