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We love vintage mobile homes and like to share articles about their history. From tents to the huge manufactured homes we have today, there were a lot of cool models and awkward steps in between. Learn about a few of them here.

1953 Vagabond Model 31 Exterior 4

Vintage Mobile Home Series: 1953 Vagabond Trailer

This 1953 Vagabond Trailer Model 31has been making a stir within the vintage mobile home groups for good reason, it is gorgeous! Vagabond Coach Manufacturing Company hailed from New Hudson, Michigan.They built homes that were considered the Cadillac of trailers and were known for…

Landing the Plane - The Story of the Spartan Trailer Company

The Story of Spartan Trailer Company

The Spartan Trailer Company was born from pure American innovation. Learn about the company’s roots and its transition to travel trailers in the presentation below:  See a beautiful 1959 Spartan here.  Read Spartan Meets Modern Day Living.  We will continue our look…

1950 Spartan Mobile Home Carousel for sale kitchen

1959 Spartan Mobile Home

A Spartan Mobile Home is a favorite of most vintage mobile home fans and for good reason. The story of the company is as fascinating as the homes they produced.  It’s a true American tale of innovation and the ability to adapt…

airstream remodel

An Awesome (and Very Unique) Airstream Remodel

Awesome Airstream Remodel This Airstream remodel will curl your hair! Literally! One of the greatest benefits of mobile homes, campers, travel trailers, and RV’s is unlimited potential. They can become anything you can imagine and in this case the owner imagined an upscale…