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We love vintage mobile homes and like to share articles about their history. From tents to the huge manufactured homes we have today, there were a lot of cool models and awkward steps in between. Learn about a few of them here.

Wood Interior Of A 1956 Spartan Executive Mansion 3

This 1956 Spartan Executive Mansion is Iconic

This 1956 Spartan Executive Mansion is charming and cozy and the true tiny house. Being environmentally friendly and affordable should get tiny house fans to take a second look at mobile homes. Unfortunately, mobile homes have a nasty stigma hanging on…

vintage camper birdhouse

Vintage Mobile Home Gifts

The mobile home fan in your life is a very special person so they deserve very special vintage mobile home gifts. They appreciate the historical significance of mobile homes, trailers, and campers, as well as the design aesthetics and the…

Vintage Trailers- 1949 Palace Royale (13)

Vintage Mobile Home Series – 1949 Palace Royale

Truly awesome vintage trailers for sale are rare, especially those that have have been carefully restored to their original glory like this 1949 Palace Royale. About Palace Royale Trailers The Palace Corporation was a popular trailer builder in the 1940’s and 50’s. The company hailed out of…