Ellen Pompeo’s Camper Makeover

Ellen Pompeo’s Camper Makeover

Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo is known for living in beautiful homes. Her stylish abodes have been featured in many home and garden magazines such as Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, and Curbed.

But Mrs. Pompeo doesn’t limit herself to just fancy Los Angeles digs. She is also living in luxury behind the scenes of her hit show in a camper that will knock your socks off!

Celebrity Camper Makeover 

Ellen Pompeo Celebrity Trailer Before Makeover

Campers are used by movie and television stars because they can be moved easily and they allow the celebrity to enjoy a bit of privacy between takes. Oftentimes, the star spends more time in the campers than they do on set so having a relaxing and stylish space is important.

Thanks to a partnership with Domaine, a popular home decor site, Mrs.Pompeo’s camper on the back lot of Grey’s Anatomy received a complete makeover. The factory-standard decor was transformed into a space worthy of a celebrity.

Ellen Pompeo Celebrity Trailer After Makeover

Using basic interior design tricks such as white walls and light flooring, the designers created a luxurious space.

Ellen Pompeo Trailer Living room

Pops of color mixed with fine texture gives the space a comforting and relaxing vibe.

Ellen Pompeo Trailer - Living Room Corner

The designers also limited clutter and focused on smart storage solutions for the small camper makeover.

Ellen Pompeo Trailer - Dinning Room Before Makeover

Bold details above and below create eye-pleasing features. Creating focal points high and low makes a space seem taller and larger.

Ellen Pompeo Trailer - Dining Room After Makeover

Ellen Pompeo Celebrity Trailer - Dining Table

Convenience and function should always trump style and the designers did a great job of choosing multi-purpose furnishings and decor.

Ellen Pompeo Celebrity Trailer Makeover Drink Cart

The bedroom is perfectly styled with ultimate comfort in mind.

Ellen Pompeo Trailer - Bedroom Before Camper Makeover

bedroom of celebrity camper makeover

Ellen Pompeo Trailer - Bed

There are lots of great ideas in this camper makeover for your own home even though a lot of the stuff used would be out of a range for a non-celebrity. The color combinations would work wonderfully in your mobile or manufactured home. The minimal decor would work great in any room too. Don’t let expensive decor intimidate you – use the inspiration to your benefit!

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You can see more photos of this beautiful camper makeover on Domaine and see the products used in the makeover.

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Park Model Home Decorating Ideas – Beach Cottage Chic

Park Model Home Decorating Ideas – Beach Cottage Chic

This park model home turned beach cottage is beautiful!

Park model homes are best known for their second story, a design descending from the 2-story mobile homes that became so popular in the 1950s.

Learn more about Cavco’s Park Model Home.

Most park model homes are marketed as temporary or seasonal living structures and are not classified as a manufactured home. Park model homes that have less than 400 square feet(or 540 sq. ft. in Canada) of living space are titled, registered, insured, and taxed as recreational vehicles. This classification relaxes building code requirements since they are not permanent dwellings.

The Cozy Beach Cottage 

This home is a feast for the eyes and includes lots of great park model home decorating ideas that you could use in your own home!

I found this beautiful park model home at Homeaway.com, a website where people can rent their properties out by the night, week, or month. The home is a 3-minute walk from the beach in Encinitas, CA. It has one bedroom and one bath along with a small sleeping area on the second floor, sleeping 4 comfortably. It is available for $158 per night. The home measures in at 480 square feet so it has likely been classified as a manufactured home.

Park Model Home Decorating Ideas for Your Exterior

This park model home may be small but it has plenty of curb appeal.

There are lots of great decorating ideas used on the exterior of this home. First, the siding is painted with a natural blue/ gray color reminiscent of grass and sea. Secondly, a bold white color was chosen for the trim to create contrast and accent the home’s architectural features.  Lastly, lush landscaping gives the home bulk, helping to ground it to the space, and tall vines strategically placed to frame the home draws the eye up, making it appear larger than it is.

See another beautiful park model home here.

Park Model Home Decorating Ideas - Exterior

Park Model Home Decorating Ideas for Your Interior

The interior of this park model home is gorgeous!

When decorating small spaces it’s important to define each space and chose functional furniture that is easy to clean. You’ll want lots of storage too!

Park Model Home - Eclectic Industrial Chic Decor

The kitchen is decorated in a warm old world country style.

Decorating a small kitchen can be challenging if you don’t know a few tricks used by designers. One of the easiest tricks is to paint much of the interior space in a light, neutral color. Structural elements such as ceilings, walls, and cabinetry painted the same light color helps reflect light and makes a space seem larger.

Park Model Home Kitchen Decorating Ideas

The living room in this park model home is a beautifully decorated space filled with ample sunshine, comfortable furniture, cozy texture, and creative wall art. It all works perfectly together to create a friendly, welcoming space.

Park Model Home Decorating Ideas - Eclectic Industrial Chic

Park Model Home Living Room Decorating Ideas

Park Model Home Decorating Ideas - Modern Industrial, Shabby Chic

Park Model Home - Office Decorating Ideas

Park Model Home - Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Park Model Home - Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Luckily, the owner of this beautiful beach cottage shared a video:

This is a great park model home with tons of decorating ideas you can use in your own home. If you’d like to learn more about the home please visit HomeAway.com.

You can learn more about small space decorating ideas here. 

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How to Throw an Awesome Birthday Party in an Airstream

How to Throw an Awesome Birthday Party in an Airstream

What do you get when you combine a fun mom and an Airstream?

If you’re blogger Sarah Schneider, you’ll probably create a beautiful space like this first:

Airstream interior

……then you throw your daughter an outrageously awesome birthday party, like this:

airstream camping party

Sarah Schneider, a blogger at @lovesarahschneider, bought an Airstream and aptly nicknamed it the Wandering Star. She then transformed the standard dark wood interior into a happy, kid-friendly, space that any kid would be happy to camp in, and have a party!

Airstream History

Airstreams, the silver bullets of the camper world, are notorious for their curvy bodies and aluminum siding. The campers are also known as being well-made, easy to tow, and a brand that holds value so they are a perfect choice.

Airstream is a company steeped in history and meager beginnings – an indisputably All-American product. As their website states, Wally Byam, a former advertising manager at Stanford University’s newspaper, created a homemade camper using canvas and the chassis of a Model T (much like others had done during the time) but his re-design was a bit more, well, refined than the others.

In 1929, Wally Byam built the world’s first Airstream trailer.

It started out as a tent contraption that he built on a Model T chassis, but it wasn’t a lot of fun in the rain (and Wally’s first wife Marion wasn’t a fan). So he replaced the tent with a teardrop-shaped permanent shelter – and added a stove and ice chest, too.

It was easy to tow and caught the eye of other travelers, so much so that enough people asked Wally about it for him to decide it might be “a pretty good business to get into.”

Inquiries from the camper landed Mr. Byam a job writing a small magazine guide for the Popular Mechanics called a Guide to Building a Trailer.

Mobile Home Living’s newsletter subscribers will be familiar with the resource. You can subscribe below if you haven’t already!  

airstream interior view

Interior Decor Tricks for Airstreams

Sarah expertly decorated the Airstream. She used several well-known tricks for dealing with a small space. She also collaborated with the popular lifestyle brand Anthropologie for the furnishings and decor creating one stylish Airstream. The result was perfect for a glamping style birthday party too!

Neutral Base

One of the easiest ways to make a small space seem bigger is by using neutral colors on as much of the walls, ceiling, flooring, and furnishings as possible. This creates an open canvas – ready for texture and pops of color.


Lots of mirrors and other reflective surfaces is a smart trick for decorating small spaces.


Use bands of color, from floor to ceiling, to trick the eye into looking up and down –  this will make the space seem taller.

See another awesome Airstream here. 


Interior of adorable airstream

twin bedding in Adorable Airstreambed area in adorable airstreamAirstream kitchen areabathroom in Adorable airstream

Perfect Party Airstream

Once the interior was finished, Sarah moved on to the outdoor space.

Camping is always more fun when the living space outside the camper is just as stylish as the inside.

adorable airstream exterior

All great campers have an awning to create shade and connect the outdoor space to the interior. String lights are great for campers – they are fun and functional. Stylish lanterns add texture.

Tables are handy to have for camping and partying. Homey table clothes over the tables help create a homey atmosphere – creating a true outdoor living space.

Airstream Camper

Sarah attached crocheted blankets around the trees closest to the Airstream to create lots of cozy colors.

How to throw a party in an airstream

Airstream Glamping Party

Additional sleeping quarters for all the party-goers are created using a large canvas tent. This is a party that any little girl would appreciate!

airstream camping party

tent for airstream party goers

Fun crafts and friends make any party great!

tent for airstream party goers

A beautiful Airstream interior paired with cozy outdoor space and a fun group of friends creates a perfect birthday party every time!

After packing up the Airstream is ready for the next memory.

Airstream party fun

You can read more about the Airstream and Willa’s Glamping party here and here. See another great Airstream remodel here. 

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Cozy Vintage Camper Renovation

Cozy Vintage Camper Renovation

Cozy Camper Renovation 

Meseidy Rivera, of the great little blog The Noshery, and her husband decided to downsize and move into a small vintage camper for two years. They bought a vintage camper that had seen better days, but had lots of potential, and started renovating it.

Their camper transformation turned out beautifully and is another great example of mobile home living with style!

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Here’s a little look at that transformation. You can get lots more details along with great DIY projects and recipes on Meseidy’s blog here.

Camper Renovation

The interior needed some TLC but between the handyman talents of the mister and the decor talents of Meseidy, the little camper-that-could became a beautiful home worthy of the cover of a magazine.

During the Camper Renovation 

Here’s what the kitchen looked like before the camper renovation. There were some basic repairs needed but the majority of the transformation was aesthetic and boy did they knock it out of the park!

The kitchen before:

Camper Renovation - Before

The bedroom before:

Camper Renovation - Before - Bedroom
Painting the camper’s interior:

Camper Renovation - Painting the interior

Laying new flooring:

Camper Renovation - new flooring

After the Camper Renovation

Repair, paint, and flooring provided a perfect canvas for Meseidy to decorate. The finale is amazing!

Camper Renovation - After - Kitchen

Camper Renovation - After - Sink Area

Camper Renovation - After

Camper renovation - After - Interior View

Camper Renovation - Interior

camper renovation - interior decor

Camper Renovation - After - Bedroom

Camper renovation - After - Interior

The trendy couple even created a perfect outdoor space:

Camper renovation - Fur babies

Camper renovation - outdoor living space

You can see more of this great camper renovation here and here. Be sure to check out the rest of Meseidy’s blog, The Noshery, she’s got a lot of great crafts and recipes!

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Colorful RV Makeover

Colorful RV Makeover

Owning a camper or RV is a lifelong goal for a lot of people and for good reason. The idea of loading up the family and taking to an exciting new place is a dream that has followed the modern man (and woman) for centuries. If we can do it in style that’s even better! That’s one of the reasons we are in love with this colorful RV makeover.

Modern RVs and campers are wonderfully convenient for travel, some could even argue that they are one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. Regardless of their ease and usability, they all seem to have the same cookie cutter style – laminated cabinetry and easy-to-clean materials are staples in the RV world. Unless you pay extra for a package upgrade, you can expect to find the same materials and decor in the majority of RVs, regardless of the manufacturer.

Fortunately, you can give your RV a makeover just as easily as you can a home and one RV family proves it with this beautiful RV makeover done in less than a week.

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Beautiful RV Makeover - before

Modern RV Makeover  

Apartment Therapy recently featured this modern RV makeover that owners, Carissa Miller of CC Miller Photography and her husband did on their family’s RV. It’s an amazing makeover done in less than a week but the results are amazing.

This high-end RV certainly wasn’t lacking in style when it came off the assembly line, as you can see in the photos above taken before the makeover. But giving the RV a more cozy, family-friendly style was important for the family since they would be going on a cross-country trip to Yellowstone National Park. They focused their efforts on changes that would make a big impact in a short amount of time. Only 6 days to be exact!

As you can see in the photos below, the makeover was a runaway success! You can copy the Miller’s modern RV makeover by following their steps below.

Beautiful RV Makeover (1)

Painting the Cabinets

The first step for this RV makeover was painting all the cabinetry in a more modern off-white. This gave the entire space a clean, muted slate which would allow the colorful details they later added to take center stage.

Beautiful RV Makeover (3)

Replacing Low-Functioning Furniture

Leather recliners were replaced with a colorful Ikea sofa that could be used as additional bedding.  Dining room chairs were also replaced to bring the space together.

Beautiful RV Makeover (12)

Replacing Factory Valances 

Next, the family replaced the factory installed valances with stylish window treatments. This still allowed privacy and shade but in a more modern design.

Beautiful RV Makeover (9)

Updating Electronics

The old televisions were replaced with current model flat-screen models providing more space for storage and giving the RV a more modern look.

Beautiful RV Makeover (11)

Beautiful RV Makeover (6)

Beautiful RV Makeover (5)

Adding Stylish Accents

This beautiful RV makeover was completed by adding modern accents. Throw pillows, framed prints, and other small details brought the style together perfectly.

Beautiful RV Makeover (8)

Beautiful RV Makeover (13)

Beautiful RV Makeover (10)

Beautiful RV Makeover (2)

Giving your RV a makeover is a great way to travel in style. It doesn’t matter how old or how fancy your RV or camper is – the possibilities are endless!

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All images:  CC Miller Photography 

Embroidered Vintage Camper Art

Embroidered Vintage Camper Art

If you love vintage camper and mobile home art, you’re gonna love the beautiful embroidered artwork of Stephanie Kelly Clark!

Her threaded artwork focuses on landscapes, specifically homes, but she didn’t forget the cute vintage campers or mobile homes!

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Needle and Threat Artwork Makes Beautiful Vintage Camper Art 

Her artwork has beautiful color and texture that represents vintage camper and mobile homes perfectly.

vintage camper embroidered art (1)

vintage camper embroidered art closeup

This vintage camper art would be a great addition for any collector or owner.

vintage camper embroidered art (1)

airstream camper embriodered art

vintage camper embroidered art (1)

mobile home embroidered art

vintage camper art made of thread (3)

vintage mobile home art made of thread (2)

vintage camper embroidered art (1)

vintage camper art made of thread (4)

I love any kind of art that portrays vintage campers and mobile homes in a beautiful light and these pieces certainly do that! You can read more about Stephanie Kelly Clark on her blog here. All of her work is amazing and encompasses much more than just homes. Be sure to stop by and check it out.

As always, thank you so much for reading Mobile Home Living!

All images owned by Stephanie Kelly Clark. Found through Messy Nessy Chic Blog.

RV and Camper Decor Series: DIY RV Design

RV and Camper Decor Series: DIY RV Design

We continue our RV and Camper Decor Series with this DIY nature-themed RV design. Previously, we enjoyed the Ginter’s gorgeous camper makeover. 

Humble Beginnings

This RV design was found on the Rate My Space blog and started out with the typical oak veneer and lightly patterned walls that we’ve seen throughout the last decade or so,  but the owner,  going by the screen name HarborLizard, updated the space dramatically. Several do-it-yourself projects ultimately created a delightfully modern, nature-inspired home away from home that is gorgeous!

modern rv design before makeover

Nature Inspired RV Design Decor Idea

The owner, inspired by nature and her lovely dogs, created this beautiful small space. It’s a perfect example of small space decor ideas and uses smart color and material choices.

modern rv interior design

The windows are bulked up with dark wood-inspired valences, making them appear larger. The colors in the RV are balanced perfectly.  The whimsical fabric print is tossed together with twisted branches giving the area a modern, though, natural look.

modern rv design and decor idea

modern rv design and decor

modern rv design - living area

modern rv

The owner painted the entertainment system with a natural white that pairs perfectly with bright green and dark brown.

modern camper design

The original walls of the RV were styled with busy patterned vinyl panel in a beige camouflage.

modern rv - before photo

The kitchen is gorgeous! White cabinets, glass backsplash, and a dark gray accent wall give the eye plenty to take in.

Using texture in a small space is one of the best ways to add interest and scale. Small areas allow you to splurge on quality materials without breaking the bank.

modern rv design ideas for a kitchen

The bedroom is improved drastically with this beautiful DIY RV makeover.

modern rv bedroom before photo

modern rv bedrooom decor ideas

The bathroom mimics the kitchen materials and colors. Animal prints and stone inspired backsplash adorn the walls creating a soothing nature theme.

modern rv design ideas for bathrooms

The owner even painted her own puppy portrait to adorn the accent wall in the kitchen.

modern rv style

This RV design has it all; spacious kitchen, living room, dining area, and master bedroom. This would be a perfect home to travel across the country in or just use for local state park summer adventures.

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Mobile Home Decorating: Beach Style Makeover

Mobile Home Decorating: Beach Style Makeover

A travel trailer is transformed into a beach paradise in this great makeover!

This home is featured on a blog called Two Berti’s that’s published by a lovely lady named Katie. She’s a talented blogger with an eye for home decor and design and regularly shares beautiful home tours, remodels and DIY tips. Be sure to stop over and say hello!

The home belongs to her parents and is located in a mobile home community called Six Foot Bay, a luxury mobile home community in Canada. Katie states:

My parents sold our family cottage last year and made the move to a trailer. Now, this isn’t just any trailer park, it is equipped with a golf course, salt water pool, pub, kids park, volleyball/basketball/tennis courts. My parents picked an older trailer that needed some work but was in a prime location right on the 18th hole of the golf course looking over the lake. They have an end one with lots of privacy and space.  so let me take you on a tour…..

Before and After

The before and after photos of this home makeover basically speak for themselves so I’ll let them do all the talking. I would like to point out this is, in reality, a very large camper with tip outs. It has a full kitchen and bath and is obviously very spacious.

Here are some great mobile home decorating ideas:

exterior mobile home ideas

mobile home decorating ideas blog

mobile home decorating ideas for kitchens

mobile home decorating ideas for kitchens

mobile home decorating ideas for kitchens

mobile home decorating ideas for kitchens

mobile home decorating ideas for living rooms

mobile home decorating ideas for living rooms

mobile home decorating ideas for living rooms

mobile home decorating ideas for living rooms

mobile home decorating ideas for living rooms

The flooring is a perfect match for the beach theme. It has the weathered wood look and the colors are reminiscent of the sand. It’s dark enough to give the white walls and decor a stage and light enough to not overpower. This was a great choice!

mobile home decorating ideas for dining rooms

mobile home decorating ideas for dining rooms

mobile home decorating ideas for bathrooms

mobile home decorating ideas for bathrooms

mobile home decorating ideas for bedrooms

mobile home decorating ideas for bedrooms

Don’t ya just love it?

How to Achieve This Look:

Your home can be a sophisticated shabby chic beach paradise, too!  The 2 easiest changes would be using color and unique decor pieces.

Adding white or a light tone to the walls and cabinetry is a great way to achieve this style. It’s supposed to be clean and fresh and white evokes that perfectly but light blue, cream, and even light grey work well. If you do use white make sure it is soothing and not too stark.

Using the same color on walls,  furniture and cabinetry neutralize the room completely and that’s ideal for the beach style.

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The decor and furniture are really the stars here, as they should be. Letting their shape and texture define them and not the color is a soothing treat for the eye. You want the decor to evoke the idea of your theme and beach themed decor usually looks worn and faded.

As always, thank you for reading Mobile Home Living!

Five Ways to Keep Your Camper Clean and Comfortable

Five Ways to Keep Your Camper Clean and Comfortable

Please welcome today’s guest author Isabella Ramos, a freelance writer from New York, who loves travel, books, family, and is ‘a little’ addicted to coffee.

I went on my first camper holiday in 1995, and I haven’t looked back since. Back then, my husband and I used to bring our kids along, but they’ve since grown up and left home; one day we hope to have some grandchildren to join us on our trips instead! For now, we go away monthly in our trusty old companion that we’ve had for the past nine years. She has served us very well so we like to treat her with the same respect. This involves keeping her in good condition both inside and out.

If you are thinking of getting a camper, my tips might be helpful so you can keep it looking clean and comfortable for many years. Here are my top picks:

Keep Clutter to a Minimum

Your camper will fill up quickly if you bring too many bits and bobs inside. Over the years, I’ve learned that going minimalist will give you the most space, and fewer things to clean. Many people like bringing along personal knickknacks including ornaments and cushions, but I’d advise keeping these at home. When we’re in the camper, we only have things with us that we need and that seems to be a very practical solution.

Take Away Rubbish

Another thing you can do is to reduce the amount of rubbish you have lying around. We recycle our bottles and packaging on-site and make the journey to the bins a couple of times a day. If you let it build up, it feels like more effort to shift, and it also doesn’t smell very good in a confined space.

Avoid Bringing in Dirt

Our favorite campground is right next to the beach, so it’s hard to avoid bringing in the outdoors when we step inside. Our rule is to take off our shoes outside the front step – in the last couple of years we’ve also left a watering can out so we can sprinkle some water on our feet to shift the sand. By taking off our dirty shoes we also avoid bringing in harmful bacteria.

Use Cleaning Products

In order to get a proper clean, we make sure to use antibacterial products like Zoflora; this one is especially good for caravans and campers as it smells good and has a number of uses. We also use bleach and limescale remover in the bathroom. Try and get some multipurpose products so you don’t take up too much space in the cupboard.

Get Vacuuming or Mopping

You should also get rid of the debris from the floor of your camper. Depending on whether you have carpet or laminate, choose a small vacuum, like those on SpotlessVacuum.co.uk, or a mop. Think about where you’ll store this as you’ll need to get one that will fit in your available space. We have a Henry as it fits inside the cupboard more easily than an upright model. Try and do a quick once-over each day of your trip so dirt doesn’t build up too much.

camper vacation

As always, thank you for reading Mobile Home Living!

Image Source: A, B

Countries You Should Tour by Motorhome

Countries You Should Tour by Motorhome

Fly and drive vacations have been getting increasingly popular as people find they want more to show from their precious time off work or during their retirement. Many of these vacations include car hire and stopovers in hotels along the way, but traveling by motorhome is another excellent way to do it. You set your own agenda, including timescales and places you want to visit. You could also unpack your bags as you would be bringing your accommodation with you the next morning! If this type of adventure sounds right up your street, you’ll want to know where to go to have an amazing experience.

motor home

Here are the ultimate destinations to tour by motorhome:

United States

There is so much more to the USA than Disney World or the lights of Las Vegas. Whilst these can be great places to visit, you’ll see the real country if you take to the roads and stop at the camping grounds. Whether you love mountains, dusty plains, ocean views or vineyards bathed in sunshine, there’s surely something in the USA for each and every person.

One of the most helpful resources for a motorhome holiday in the States has to be www.reserveamerica.com. It’s full of inspirational ideas about where you should head to and why. You’ll also be able the check the availability of specific camping grounds, which is ideal if you need to pre-book for travel in the peak season.

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Alternatively, you could go further north to Canada and plan a trip that spans from east to west. You might find the Camping Canada website (www.camping-canada.com) helpful to identify campsites in all the provinces you wish to visit, but you’ll probably want to do a bit of research first to find out what each one can offer.

In the east you’ll find beauty in the maritime provinces, moving inland to lakes, forests, and plains. When you reach the west you’ll be spoiled with mountain scenery before you reach the Pacific coastline. If you’re finding it hard to pick, choose to see it all instead!

New Zealand

If the longer flight time doesn’t bother you, New Zealand is certainly a country that lends itself well to a motorhome escape. Have a look on www.nzcamping.co.nz to discover all of the campsites you could stop over at on your travels.

To see a lot of different landscapes during your stay in New Zealand, the South Island is the perfect place to tour. You’ll see snow-capped mountains, raging rivers, pristine beaches, sub-tropical rainforests and beautiful vineyards.

For an amazing trip without any time in the air, choose to have a staycation and spend some time exploring England. You could even have a look on Travelworld Motorhomes and buy a new or used vehicle so you can get around many times in a year without needing to hire one.

You’ll be able to visit the places you never got around to seeing, as well as rediscover the beautiful landscapes you saw many moons ago. We have beaches, waterfalls, peaks, rivers and most importantly lots of tea rooms where you can get yourself a proper brew!

Guest author, Isabella Ramos is a freelance writer from New York, who loves travel, books, family, and is ‘a little’ addicted to coffee.

Thank you for reading Mobile Home Living!

Image Source: A, B

Cool Australian Campers and RVs

Cool Australian Campers and RVs

One of my best friends just came back to West Virginia after spending 8 years in Australia. There’s a lot of coal mines over there and the companies recruit miners from WV to work on contract for a couple of years over there, all expenses paid plus a handsome annual salary. If they like it, they extend the contracts. If not, they come home. Needless to say, he loved it over there!

Of course, I asked him about manufactured housing in Australia. He said they used them for mining and other industrial housing whenever the work site is in the middle of nowhere and there isn’t enough housing for the workers. He hadn’t seen any outside of that but he had seen a ton of RVs and modular homes. Housing is very expensive in Australia so the RVs would be a good way to live affordably.

I researched manufactured housing in Australia online a bit and found some pretty neat information.


They use 3 main terms: caravans, relocatable homes, and manufactured homes.

What we consider campers or mobile homes they call ‘caravans’ and there are caravan parks. Caravans and caravan parks can be classified into 2 sub-categories: tourists parks and retirement parks, just like here in the US. There are a few caravan parks for lower-income tenants, mostly singles and elderly. Like the US, those caravan parks have a stigma and stereotype.


Industrial Housing Caravans in Australia

The photo below is a new mining park being set up. It shows modern single wide manufactured homes being placed in a way that utilizes the land so that each home has a decent yard and are placed in smaller pods within the park. I like it!



Caravan Parks in Australia

This next photo shows a typical caravan park for tourists. There are a lot of caravan parks for tourists in Australia! Here are a few photos I found from Caravan Park Photography.

You can search through their houses for sale in Perth and find several single wide and double wides being sold in their developed communities. You can buy land and place your own manufactured home or pre-fab, too. They all seem like great communities and their renewal plans include beautification projects and preservation projects as well as restoring and remodeling the homes. To me, it seems like a great place to live.

This is what I would love to see happen in the United States. Communities being built that place emphasis on the people, not the homes. A family of 3 does not need a 6000 square foot home. We should accept each other’s decisions to live in whatever type or size of home they want and stop labeling each other. There are benefits and advantages to living in smaller homes.



Caravan+in+Australia+ ++phoography

Australian Campers and RVs

Australian campers are very popular. A great way to travel the Outback or any part of Australia for that matter is with an RV or camper or caravan. An RV has a motor and living area, a camper can be a pop-up type or a smaller pull behind camper and a caravan is considered the medium to large sized mobile homes that can be towed with a standard vehicle with a large motor. I am amazed at the different shapes and manufacturers of popular RV’s in that country. Here are a few that I thought would intrigue you. They are all through a website that posts caravan sales.

First is the Grand Tourer Adventure Off Road Camper. Look at this beauty! You could take this anywhere and be traveling in style. I haven’t seen anything like this is the US yet but I sure hope it gets over here soon!




Here’s a standard looking caravan called a FlexiHome. These are used for camping mostly not permanent living. The interior is what will amaze you:

Here’s the modern, clean interior. You could haul your dirt bikes or your recliners in this and be set up for easy vacationing anywhere.



This final home is a Creative Caravans Tanami Off-Road Designer Series. It is a gorgeous camper! The tires are beefy enough to go anywhere you want and the interior is fit for a king. I am in awe!

Another pull camper that I like is called the Kimberly Black Caviar Kruiser. It’s very different from what you  see in the US.


I wanted to show you a couple of motorhomes I found, too. The first one is vintage and gorgeous!

This is a 1954 REGAL MARK III that was for sale for $27,000. It was once a Melbourne Tramsway that became a disaster ambulance and is now a motorhome. I found it on a site that has motorhomes for sale.



Last but not least is a 1979 Denning Motorhome. I love the vintage motorhomes, there’s more character to them.

Australian campers and RVs seems a lot like the US when it comes to

Do you know about manufactured homes in Australia? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

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6 Awesome Airstreams

6 Awesome Airstreams

Airstreams are the only mobile homes in the country that didn’t get a bum rap simply because they had wheels. Their appeal spans all income levels and all locations and they are as popular today as they were in their first years of production. We love Airstreams so anytime there’s an opportunity to take a look at some awesome Airstreams, we’re game.

Airstreams stayed focused on being a recreational travel home and not a daily living concept. They could’ve lowered their price and opened the market up but they didn’t. They kept their price points above average and this allowed them to keep quality in their product.

Quality alone is what Airstreams are known for. The homes that were built in their first year are still in use today. Today, they are witnessing a huge resurgence in popularity but unfortunately, it appears that their quality has taken a backseat to the production.

There are a lot of great makeovers and updates going on in Airstreams, here are 6 that we love.

Sexy Steampunk 

Eclectic Dining Room design by Other Metro Architect Paul Welschmeyer 

Modern Marvel 

Architect Paul Welschmeyer began by developing a ‘Trailering Tao.’ which stipulated above all that ‘everything must have two or more uses. The streamlined structure does double duty as a family vacation home and mobile office.

Contemporary Dining Room design by New York Architect Good Cottage

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Contemporary Kitchen design by New York Architect Good Cottage

This Airstream is Sleek Inside and Out 

Courtney Trent of Good Cottage left some of the interior aluminum skin intact for this trailer, she added custom rubbed-wood veneer cabinets and hand-finished wood planks. The bathroom is all teak paneling.

The Formica-covered storage unit doors were removed and replaced with glass slides. A built-in bench with a comfy cushion and a wood-topped stool flank a custom-designed narrow mahogany dining table with hidden eaves that expand to create more eating surface.

On the bottoms of the table, legs are nailhead-like caps that allow the table to slide easily on the Flor wool carpet panels to create a workstation by the sofa.

Contemporary Home Office design by New York Architect Good Cottage

Cozy and Modern Airstream

Modern Bedroom design by Kristiana Trow Spaulding

Traditional Airstream Decor

Traditional Kitchen design

It’s not often you find homelike decor like this in a tin-can Airstream. But one of the reasons people love these trailers so much is that they’re so versatile. Here, stylish wood floors, ceiling, and furniture enrich the vibe, while a tile backsplash, marble-inspired countertops and a chandelier make any notion of this being something you pull behind a car or truck melt away.

American Retro Caravans

This sleekly designed corporate trailer from American Retro Caravans has a private meeting area, flat-screen TVs, a wine cooler, a coffee machine, and sophisticated furnishings.

Modern Living Room design by San Diego Building SuppliesCali Bamboo

These 6 awesome Airstreams can give you lots of ideas for your own small camper or even a room. If you’ve remodeled your own Airstream or any camper, vintage or modern, let us know.

We would love to share it!

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